Gold Mine

been hearing so much about this ‘roast duck’ in London, and i was thinking why on earth would we come all the way to London to eat roast duck when we can get it in singapore??! well, after 4.5 months away from singapore, i’m totally missing chinese food like CRAZY and any of it is welcomed with open arms (and mouth) haha. but anyway! this is definitely not to miss, even if you can get chinese food anytime!!!! 
what makes the Special roast duck Cantonese style (£20.50 for a whole duck) so good is because the duck here is fresh! in singapore the duck is usually frozen as so it doesn’t taste as good. also, the duck at Gold Mine has this layer of fat right beneath the skin which allows it to be roasted till the skin is crisp on the outside, yet remaining juicy inside. *yummy!!* don’t need to care about your image here, JUST USE YOUR HANDS TO EAT!!! it’s the best way to enjoy it ^^ not kidding. haha because i tried to use my chopsticks initially and it got kinda frustrating -.- initially i was getting really annoyed because for this duck, every single piece is attached to a bone (lazy me usually chooses the pieces without bones) and for some reason the meat always sticks to the bone making it really hard to handle with chopsticks! >:( so anyway, listen to my advice and use your hands and you’ll have a much happier experience hehe :D 
also tried the fried noodles with seafood in XO sauce (£7.90) and it was sooo good too!!!! :) omg, i haven’t eaten crispy noodles for the longest time :’) supper food ftw! :D this was really fragrant, with a generous amount of seafood inside, and the sauce was awesome! 
the bayswater area has quite a number of famous duck restaurants i think, the other one i know is Four Seasons. but apparently this is better. not sure, try it for yourself! ^^
Gold Mine
102 Queensway, Bayswater 
London W2 3RR
Tel.: +44 020 7792 8331

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