Burger & Lobster

hi!! (: I’m on a roll! haha these few days happen to come back to the hotel earlier so i’m trying to keep this space from rotting :p hee. had a super yummy lunch again today! at BURGER & LOBSTER *drooooools* i’ve heard so much about this place and i was super excited to try it! ^^ and i was sold :D 
now look at that lobster!! haha sent the pics of my lunch to sam and he was like ‘oh my 天!!!!’ haha totally making him jealous with all my london pics :P at this restaurant, you don’t get a food menu. at least, we didn’t. i don’t think they have one, because there are only two things on the menu! no prizes for guessing what. haha. for the lobster, you can choose to have it steamed or grilled. and it comes with this buttery garlic sauce, but i honestly think that the lobster tastes SUPERB on its own already and there is absolutely no necessity for the sauce. another option is to have the lobster in a bun! think i’ll probably opt for that if i come back to this restaurant ;) lazy pig haha – this way, the meat is all taken out for you ;) 
and this was the burger!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD. i loved how thick and juicy the patty was! and all the ingredients – melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, sauce, bacon and the pickle/zucchini-like thing – went so well together! it was mouth-watering :D one of the best burgers i’ve ever eaten! and their fries and salad were done so well either! i couldn’t get enough of it ^^
very ravenous before the meal :p so unglam haha.
Burger & Lobster
1 Bread St, City of London, London
(there are other outlets as well!)
Tel.: +44 20 7248 1789

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