helloooooooo!! :) HELLO FROM LONDON :DDDDD haha i’m super high now after all the food today ^^ and i’m totally jumping the gun here, but i’ve got to write about Petrus right now before it becomes a distant memory and i won’t be able to write about it properly :( today was my first time dining at a michelin-starred restaurant and it was the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE E.V.E.R. i’m so glad that i’m here in london where there are so many of such restaurants, and so happy that i’m here with my family so that i get to enjoy such an experience! ^^ thank you papa!! (:
sooo starting off, i have to say that the service in the restaurant was absolutely impeccable! (: i was so super impressed. i mean, you rarely get to enjoy such high standards of service anywhere, even in the uk, where i feel like i’ve already experienced the best service ever! the people here are just SO nice! (: anyway more about that next time maybe. i’m so excited that i’m digressing again…anyway, the moment we stepped into the restaurant, the staff took our coats and bags, pulled out the chairs for us, and they were just such dears! (: haha i think the fact that they weren’t local (probably french or something) yet spoke almost perfect english with their own native accents just made it extra nice heehee ^^
we opted for the three course lunch for £35. and when you dine here, don’t expect it to be chop-chop, because the best way to enjoy it is to go through all the courses slowwwwwly. i think we sat in there for like 3 hours or something. and when you order the 3 course menu, you don’t just get three courses! there are a couple of extras in between ;) like this first picture, was our amuse bouche – watercress mousse topped with a crouton and tuna tartare. i’m personally not a fan of watercress, but the mousse was very light, and when eaten with the cubes of savoury potatoes in it, the taste of the watercress was pretty much diminished. also the outstanding flavour of the tuna helped to mitigate the watercress too.
we were also served bread with butter to begin our meal with, and it was delicious!!! not 100% sure, but i’m guessing that the bread was handmade because it was so soft, with an interestingly slightly spongey texture, and it tasted SO FRESH.
for my actual appetizer, i opted for the tartar of Casterbridge beef with toasted brioche, crispy sweetbread, shaved foie gras and quail’s egg. OMG the foie gras was soooooo mouthgasmic-ly (i just invented a new word) DELICIOUS!!!! sitting atop the beef tartare, it is much lighter than the normal huge fatty chunk you get (made me feel just a little less unhealthy haha), and it simply melted in my mouth, releasing its juices and flavours. i’m drooling just thinking about it :’) yummy!! also loved the quail’s egg which was poached till it had a lovely wobbly texture and i just popped it in my mouth and burst it! ^^
i felt that my main course was the least outstanding out of my three courses, and also compared to the other main courses. not that it was bad. not at all! just that it wasn’t as tasty. it was simple though, very natural, and healthy (: it was a pan-roasted cod that was done brilliantly – i loved how the skin was crisp, while the meat of the fish was tender and supple, and fell away easily with a fork. the light curry velouté lent a subtle flavour to the fish, and the mussels were delightfully fresh.
in between our main course and dessert, we had a little digestivo, which was a mini cone filled with white chocolate and passionfruit! (: the passionfruit was very refreshing and we were surprised with the popping candy inside! ^^
i had the hazelnut and frangelico parfait for my dessert, and i absolutely adored it!!! (: the parfait was wobbly atop a hard chocolate base and it was such a decadent way to end the meal :))
if you’re going to Petrus, i highly recommend at least one person at your group to try the Chocolate sphere dessert!!!! it’s Petrus’s signature and it’ll definitely be on the menu. it’s a feast for not just the tastebuds, but for your eyes as well. you have to try it to know! (:
the staff were so sweet, they even brought us on a kitchen tour!! that was such a fascinating experience, and we even had the chance to meet the chef and take a photo with him!!!!!!! :D awwwww. this is actually one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants!!!! and although we obviously didn’t get to meet the man himself, meeting the restaurant’s chef was good enough for me ^^
reservations are a must for this restaurant! (:

1 Kinnerton St, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 8EA, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 20 7592 1609
Nearest Tube station: Knightsbridge

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