Magical Prague :))) – Part III

haha all these travel posts are taking an insane amount of time to finish! can’t believe i have so many more to do: south of france, cinque terre, vienna, bern, munich, glasgow, york (now) and london (soon). omggg. plus all the extra posts on random stuff that i wanted to do as well! *faints* haha i better get on with it.
soooo, like i mentioned in my other post about food in prague, there are hundreds of other restaurants with other cuisines that you can try out! czech food is really a bit too heavy to eat it on a daily basis for both lunch and dinner.
Other food in Prague

we chanced upon Song Lam Vietnamese Noodles & Cuisine just because it was so near our hotel and we kept walking past it! finally on our last day we decided to go in and try it, and WOW, we were in Asian heaven! ^^ haha sounds damn retarded. but really miss asian food when we’re here :'( especially how light and healthy it is! quite amazed that sam actually liked this haha (considering the kind of food he normally likes to eat), but i guess the feeling of a warm bowl of soup is enough to satisfy anyone :) of course, we ordered the most popular Vietnamese dish – pho bo (105czk) which is beef noodle soup. happy happy! it wasn’t as tasty as real vietnamese cuisine obviously, but it was definitely good enough.
loved the nem cuon (65czk) as well, which is the vietnamese spring rolls, and also the mango salad (80czk)!
Song Lam
Ostrovni 23, Praha 1, 11000
Tel.: +420 224 933 537
for a huge range of chinese food, go to Chinese Summer Palace restaurant! they have a HUGE signboard at locations outside the restaurant so it’s almost impossible to miss. i tried their duck rice in sweet & sour sauce (129czk) and i felt like i was teleported back to singapore ^^ yummyyyyy. totally miss eating this kind of food! i’m not big on duck rice in singapore actually, but the flavours here just reminded me of home :)
Chinese Summer Palace restaurant
Celetna 25, Praha 1
Tel.: +420 224 815 155
i chanced upon this bakery on the way to the Old Town and they sell the barrel bun here, as well as a range of other pastries. nice to try it out if you’re interested (:
Remeslna pekarna Krusta
Karlova 44, Prague
Tel.: +420 607 745 948
for the most amazing baguettes ever, check out Bageterie Boulevard!!!!! :D there are quite a number of outlets of this everywhere and we’d been wanting to try it for days. finally tried it on my last day there! (: and i was super impressed! spoilt for choice there because everything looked good. and it’s pretty affordable! kinda like subway, but bigger i think. and i suppose i just like the novelty ;) i tried the meatball flavour and it was great! MUST check it out if you ever need food on the go ;)
hehe and that’s my little doggie, Schnitzel, from vienna! ^^ darling got it for me by playing one of those carnival games haha. can’t believe he won it! (: and so i had a soft toy to accompany me for half my exchange! :) hee.

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