As long as you are here in my heart

it’s been a crazy few days and i’m missing you already darling (: our last holiday together before my “independence” was prague. and what a wonderful choice it was! such a beautifully romantic city. i really wondered sometimes whether having such high expectations of a place (like omg i’m SO EXCITED to go to london, just fly me there already!) would end up making me disappointed. but in europe, especially after getting the hang of travelling here (to live though, is another problem altogether, and no thank you, after 4 months and this ordeal i’m going through right now, i want to live in little singapore for the rest of my life), i’ve really enjoyed so many of the cities i’ve been to. it’s really hard to decide on my favourite FAVOURITE because each of the cities i’ve loved are so special in their very own way. i do have favouriteS though, and that’s easy to decide :) 
prague was so gorgeous with its baroque architecture and uber-classically romantic feel. i realised i’m kinda mixing up all the different history periods here :p but anyway. such a fascinating place!! :) 
and we went to watch a ballet :’))))) like finallyyyyy. so happy to have been able to do that in europe ^^ 

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