Drink Me

haha okay so this is my first post on the food in castellanza :p this is really a small town so nothing much to do here, but there are quite a number of food places worth visiting if you stay in this town! this post is probably more for exchange students coming to study here, because i don’t think any other people would EVER come here as tourists.
it’s quite funny that the first place i’m writing about is this place, because it’s probably one of the LEAST italian places here. it’s kind of an american-style bar actually. there are quite a number of bars here, which makes it good for apperitivo! (: they only do apperitivo here on Sundays though! maybe i’ll do an update on this post when i’ve tried their apperitivo.
food ain’t too bad though, if you want to get some “properly unhealthy” western food :p okay it’s not really unhealthy la. just more americanized, which we’ve really kinda missed here (surprisingly). i mean, seeing RIBS on the menu just made me drool. i’ve almost totally forgotten such things existed haha. i didn’t order it though.
sam got this HUMONGOUS bacon cheeseburger for just €8!! i think it was pretty worth it! quite yummy too.
i liked my chili burrito (€6.50) except for the fact that it was so small!! >:( feel kinda cheated -.- in the picture there were two burritos picture, but the waiter told me that in actual fact there was just one. and that one turned out to be so small -.- i mean, c’mon if you’re only gonna give one, at least make it BIGGER right??? it looked so pathetic taking up just a mere 1/5th of the plate. but the huge pile of potato wedges (yummiest i’ve ever eaten!) kinda made up for it. and loved the fact that there was barbecue sauce and guacamole on the side as dips (: i’m super thirsty now though!!!! probably thanks to all the fries haha.
their drinks here look really interesting!!! i’ll probably be back for apperitivo and i’ll do an update then ;)


i said i’ll do an update after my apperitivo so here i am again! ^^ the drinks at this place are AWESOME. although the buffet food was so-so only, but totally worth it!! (:
one of their specialties are their ice-cream cocktails (€6.50). we tried the black irish, which has baileys, kahlua, vodka and vanilla gelato!! soooooo good – luscious, luxurious, creamy and so so delectable! (:
i loved their cocktails as well. the last time we tried the porn star martini, which had passion fruit and came with a side glass of prosecco. very interesting presentation! (: this time i ordered the Hurricane (€5), which had passion fruit syrup, rum, orange, pineapple and rum ^^ super tasty!!
and here’s a picture of some of the food! ^^ not tooooo shabby, but could have been better haha. the good thing is that it’s SUPER AFFORDABLE! ^^ likey! (:
Drink Me
Corso G. Matteotti 2
21053, Castellanza (VA)
Tel.: +39 0331 1748201
Sun, Tue, Wed & Thurs: 6pm-2am
Friday & Saturday : 6pm-3am


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