Napoli (Part II)

haha my travelling posts are just way too long so i’m splitting them up for easier reading. so when you’re in Naples, what should you eat? PIZZA, OF COURSE!!!! haha. this is the birthplace of pizza, and so if you want the most authentic pizza in the world, this is where you should try it (: in italy you can find pizza everywhere now, but the type of pizza you find in each place is very different. not to mention Pizza Hut – you won’t ever eat it again after having pizza in italy. it’s probably most similar to the pizza we found in Cinque Terre, the Liguria region (omg i haven’t done my post on that yet, oops!) where the pizza is made with foccaccia, a kind of thick bread (: the pizza you find in the northern regions of italy, such as in places like milan and verona, on the other hand, are much thinner and crisper, and very light! (: i actually love this kind of pizza best – it is so good to eat especially when they serve it fresh out of the oven (they make it on the spot when you order!) that you can literally finish one whole pizza yourself. believe me. it’s possible. and it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss in italy hehe. although i rarely find any nice pasta places when i’m in milan, i always love the pizza i can get here (:
and gosh, see how long i’ve rattled on! haha. naples pizza is something else altogether! somewhat thick, like the kind you find in Liguria, but a totally different texture – fluffy! it totally reminded me of roti prata heh ^^
haha okay enough rambling, here are some pictures!! (: sorry for the lousy photo quality, the lighting in the restaurant was so dark!
this was the first place we went to for pizza in Naples recommended to us by the hostel!
i’m including a picture of the restaurant because it’s really hole-in-the-wall and you will miss it if you don’t look out for it! Gino Sorbillo is one of the many brothers in the Gino/Sorbillo family (haha i can’t rmb which :p) and there are many restaurants by the different brothers, with one wayyy more conspicuous just 10 steps away from this one but completely empty in contrast. this brother apparently was the best at making his pizzas, so you know who to go to ;) i have to say…pizza in italy is boring. in terms of the flavours available i mean. there really isn’t much variety at all and you’ll always just see margherita, marinara, prosciutto in every single pizzeria you go to. but that’s italian food for you. and when in naples, from all the advice i’ve heard – go for the most traditional pizzas. they are the BEST. and so we did (: pizza in italy is just crazy cheap! S$20 for a pizza at Spizza??!! yeah it’s good and i love the flavours, but it’s seriously expensive compared to €3.30 for our margherita pizza here!! and it’s huge! the other pizza we ordered was Capricciosa (€6.30) which had tomatoes, mozzarella, ham, wild mushrooms and artichokes. it was pretty yummy ^^ but wished it was less burnt though!
Gino Sorbillo
Via dei Tribunali, 32  80138 Naples, Italy
Tel.: +39 081 446643
this second place i’m recommending, you definitely must go!! Brandi had the most awesome Marinara pizza (€6) ever, and i polished it off easily even after eating a bunch of pastries right before that! marinara is one of the simplest pizzas, but they did it so amazingly well! just oil, oregano, tomato and garlic. it’s a bit expensive here, but it was so so good (: apparently a lot of important people dine at this restaurant often too, so it’s definitely got a brand name going here ;)
we decided to be adventurous with our next pizza and so we chose one from the specialty pizza menu – the Don Peppino (€11). and wellllll, learn from me and stick to the traditionals haha. or choose something that sounds less weird >.< this had neapolitan sausages, broccoli leaves and provola. no idea what broccoli leaves are, but they just taste damn strange!
Pizzeria Brandi
Salita Sant’Anna di Palazzo, 2, 80132 Naples, Italy
Tel.: +39 081 416928
there are also a number of Neapolitan snacks/pastries that you have to try when you’re here! (: the photo on top is a fried snack, arancini, which are rice balls with meat sauce (: i looooved it! super savoury and delish ^^ the desserts were sfogliatelle (which means ‘many layers’ in italian – loved the filo pastry!) and babbà, which is a yeast cake soaked in rum. ooooh la la. haha. very interesting! try them at Luise, which is a very nice chill pasticceria/bar.
Via Partenope 7, 80121 Napoli
Tel.: +39 081 76425 63

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