Some pictures from the last month! (:

helloooooo! sorry i’ve been so MIA >.< so busy travelling i've hadn't had the time to update this space nor write in my diary at all. gosh. i've barely been in milan for more than a week i think :O
anyway, just gonna do a short one here! (lazy haha). last day of my holiday in italy boohoo :'( then it’s back to castellanza for some exams mugging haha. some photos aren’t on fb yet! so enjoy :D
rainy rainy in cinque terre! but had an awesome load of fun with the girls ^^ haha nice to have some new company after sam & i have been staring at each other for the past 2 months :p
best travel buddies <3<3 SK if you see this, we're missing you!!
sunny monaco!!! :D haha self shot cos i was bored. look at the pretty casino behind! (: everything just looks better when the sun is out ^^
met up with the sissy for our easter break in france! (: miss youuuuu!
after france was vienna!!! :D LOVE LOVE LOVE this city. incredibly beautiful city :’) totally didn’t expect to enjoy myself so much, but it was really awesome (: this is the top city on my list of favourites in europe, outside of italy. in fact, it was the top on my list right before this trip to rome/florence. amazing cities :)))) super happy & i can’t wait to blog about them! ^^ and thanks jiayee for being such an amazing host! <333
next was bern, switzerland. probably the most impromptu trip we ever had. big shoutout to Lilian & Kriff who allowed us to crash their place at the very last minute, who cooked awesome meals for us and basically just welcomed us with open arms! :’) uber touched :)) had a crazy problem with our train tickets but it was still an amazing trip anyway :D
and our whirlwind trip to italy was completely insaneeee too! haha. after coming back from switzerland on monday morning, went for class and we were off again that very night on some overnight train (which was a horrific experience btw)! but two weeks have just flown past like that :( and i’m going back to school….zzz.
will blog about everything in detail soon!!!! (:

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