First trip out of Italy! – Barcelona :D (Part II)

hi!! i’m on a roll! haha spamming posts of barcelona (just one more on the food after this!)
wanted to dedicate a single post to Montserrat where i took a day trip from barcelona! (: it’s such an amazing place, especially when the weather is good ^^ on the cable car ride up the mountain, we were awed by the view in front of us :’)
the monastery on top of the mountain is the main attraction, and there is the Black Madonna in it that draws queues from early in the morning. i’m not exactly sure what is the significance of this statue but it represents the Virgin Mary and many people come to present offerings and prayers to it.
also, if you’re there at 1pm, catch the choir perform in the monastery (:
the cable car brings you up to the main area of Montserrat where the monastery is, but you can take the furnicular up/down to Sant Joan or Santa Cova respectively. Santa Cova is an important pilgrim site where the image of the Virgin Mary was said to be seen. we only had the choice to choose one of the furniculars though (lesson learnt: go earlier!!! haha), so we decided to take the furnicular upwards to Sant Joan, which is the highest point of Montserrat mountain, and OMG the view was jaw-droppingly, breathtakingly beautiful!!! we could see a whole span of ground in front of us and it was just so amazing :’) there is a path for you to walk, and we kept going higher and higher, till there was no more path left and we climbed through trails where people had trodden before just to get to even greater heights! it was terrifying (never knew i was so scared of heights till i tried this :O), and you really have to be careful because the wind is SUPER strong, especially at the highest point (there are no barricades at all btw. it’s just you and the mountains below haha) you feel like you can be blown off any moment! *probably not recommended for those really skinny people who can really be blown away! i’m not kidding!* but yes, if you have the chance to, this is an amazing experience you don’t wanna miss! (:
How to get there
the nearest metro station is Place Espanya, where there is a ticket counter providing information on Montserrat and stuff like that. the staff speak really good english! so that was very helpful :) they will assist you with using the ticket machines to get your tickets if you need help. i opted for the 26€ ticket, which includes a two-way metro, train and cable car to Montserrat, and also includes the furnicular rides at Montserrat itself. pretty worth the money in my opinion!
keep watching this space for foooooood coming up! :D

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