As with most restaurants in Dempsey Hill, House is tricky to find. Tucked away below ground level, it takes some searching to unearth this gem. But when you get there, and discover the lengths taken to inject a new kick into its menu, it is definitely worth the effort. With a quaintly decorated cosy interior and nestled in lush green surroundings, House exudes a laidback aura that invites you to sit back, relax and enjoy.
The menu overhaul has introduced quite a number of new dishes, with many more mouth-watering photographs that makes it a pleasure to browse through. Try the Wagyu Spring Rolls for a start! These delicious crispy wagyu rolls tease your eyes as it does your taste buds. The richness of the smooth minced wagyu marinated with maple and soy envelopes and spreads through your mouth with a creamy flavour. The slightly crumbly consistency is a delight, making this a texturally interesting dish. Paired with a massive pile of fresh green papaya salad, this is a well-balanced dish to begin the meal with.
Two of the new main dishes on the menu are the Roasted Chilean Cod Fish and Hanger Steak with Croquettes & Wild Mushrooms. The cod fish is absolutely fresh and cooked beautifully with a crisp seared top and is soft and firm inside, falling apart easily with the prick of a fork. It is roasted with turmeric, producing a slightly smoky aroma and comes with a lovely sweet date sauce, as well as seared chorizos for a spicy kick. The presentation of this dish is visually arresting with its height – topped with a refreshing apple and celery salad to complement the fish.
House does its beef wonderfully. The hanger steak is sliced to rather thin pieces, whose appearance might prompt some scepticism. But just place it in your mouth, and any uncertainty is instantly quashed. Despite its thinness, each slice of the steak is seared just so, such that it is slightly pink, and perfectly tender. The taste is slightly gamey, but this just enhances the essence of the steak further, and the salts rubbed on the meat help provide a nice antidote to this. While the highlight of this dish is obviously the steak, the croquettes are so delectable they can’t help but bask in the limelight as well. Bursting with creamy ham béchamel, the blend of potato and bacon is so smooth and velvety that it is impossible not to fall in love with them!
House is famous for its fries as well, and we highly recommend the truffle taro fries and pumpkin hazelnut fries! Honestly, it is really difficult to choose amongst the four varieties, on top of their popular original truffle fries. But the two recommended are absolutely the bomb. Atypical from your potato fries, these can be considered the “healthier choice” being made from yam and pumpkin. But they are no less delicious, and in fact, taste even better with their outstandingly unique texture and lovely toppings. Try them, and you will know what we mean.
*This is an article i wrote for (: Try out their online reservation service, and you can check out more articles there!
I also wrote a post on this place way back in 2010 i think!! omg wow, i havent realised i’ve been writing this blog for such a long time ^^ how time flies :D
Blk 8D Dempsey Road
Tel.: +65 6475 7787
Lunch: Mon-Fri (12pm-3pm)
Tea: Mon-Fri (3pm-6pm)
Dinner: Mon-Sun (6pm-10.30pm)
Brunch: Sat (11am-4pm) & Sun (9am-4pm)

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