Step out of the bustling main street of Orchard Road, and you’ll find Esmirada tucked in a corner. The quiet, inconspicuous exterior does little to prepare you for what to expect inside. Raucous laughter, booming voices, a hearty crowd is what you’ll experience in Esmirada. There is a constant humming in the restaurant with robust conversations over food and drinks, and you will definitely have a smashing good time!
For appetizers, have the Humus and Baba Ghanouj with Pita Bread to start off. Served toasty warm in a basket, the pita bread has a beautiful texture – pillow-soft and fluffy, you will fall in love with it immediately. Have it on its own to appreciate its natural taste, or slather a layer of sauce on it. The hummus has a nutty flavour that is delightfully homely, while the latter has a refreshing hint of garlic that subtly spices up the bread.
Another favourite is the Sizzling Garlic Chilli Shrimps on a hot plate. Literally sizzling and oozing with juices, the bouncy prawns exude freshness and a delicious aroma that invites you to dig in.
You should definitely try the Linguine Ai Frutti Di Mare. One of the restaurant’s popular dishes, you will understand why after tasting it. In fact, when it first arrives at the table, you can catch a whiff of its fragrance from the garlic in the dish. There is an option of tomato or cream-based sauce, and we recommend the tomato sauce for a lighter, more palatable option. It gives you space to try out more dishes! This is a dish not to be missed by seafood lovers. The linguine is tossed with the freshest sea catch, including mussels, prawns and fish. The medley of sweet, sour and spicy flavours are a match made in heaven.
Alternatively, the Paella Valenciana makes a good choice as well! This famous Spanish saffron rice specialty is a hearty dish that will satisfy any carbohydrate cravings. Enjoy the soft, slightly sticky, fluffy rice with an essence infused within. The ingredients – succulent juicy prawns, fresh fish, mussels, springy scallops and chicken wings – come together in a phenomenal combination that packs a powerful punch.
If you still have room for more main courses, try some of the skewers from the charcoal oven. The chicken kebab is concocted with a special blend of Lebanese marinade which already teases you with its description. Their kebabs have an interesting presentation, and a slightly charred aroma. It is definitely a feast for the eyes and taste buds.
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Orchard Hotel #01-29
Tel.: +65 6735 3476
Daily 12pm-1am

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