Sun Japanese Restaurant

I’m kinda running out of ideas for new japanese restaurants already :p at least those that aren’t exorbitantly expensive. this place was kinda on the pricey end of the scale but it’s good for a nice celebration :) and though it’s more expensive than normal, but not too crazy… (btw anyone who has recommendations for any nice jap restaurants that aren’t on my blog yet, please suggest k! hehe)
i realised we tend to order quite the same dishes in jap restaurants wherever we go :p haha. started off with the sun sashimi salad ($18). a bunch of greens topped with some sashimi and roe! yummmmz! :) i wish there was more sashimi though :p but loved the sauce! :) it had a tinge of wasabi in it that gave such a satisfying kick ;)
we ordered two kinds of sushi, one was the avocado soft shell roll ($10 for 4pcs) which is a crispy soft shell crab sushi roll wrapped with fresh avocado slices. i liked how the healthy avocado complemented the fried crab.
the other sushi was the spicy aburi salmon roll ($11 for 4pcs) which i really liked! it is a crab, avocado and asparagus sushi roll covered with flame-seared salmon and topped with spicy mayonnaise :)
we wanted something hot to eat as well, so we ordered the salmon and saba teriyaki steak ($29). this was a dish well done, with the fish nicely glazed with just the right amount of teriyaki sauce :) and it was grilled to a decent texture, just so that it still remained fluffy.
for the beef sukiyaki, you can choose either australian wagyu ($29) or japanese wagyu ($39). it was quite interesting how there was quite little soup at the beginning, but the longer it boiled, the more soup there was, from the water from the veggies and all! and the flavours came together beautifully in a sweet-savoury combination.
one gripe i would have about this place is that the portions are rather small, making it not so value-for-money. but that gave us the chance to order more dishes ;) for something healthy, go for the kani tamago toji ($18) which is fresh crab meat, mixed mushrooms and spinach simmered with egg gravy on a hotplate. this was surprisingly tasty, and had a nice homey feeling :)
the soft shell crab tempura ($16) was done decently :) nice and crisp with a light batter.
and to end off, i really enjoyed our desserts! :) we ordered the milk ice & brownie ($7) and matcha tiramisu ($7). actually i wanted to order the tofu cheesecake, but i needn’t have to as the matcha tiramisu was layered with what seemed like the cream cheese used in tofu cheesecake as well which was absolutely decadent, yet less sinful than its western counterpart ^^ and LOVED LOVED LOVED the green tea sponge – although would have been better if it had even more green tea flavour heh. the brownie was awesome as well, very chocolately and went well with the ice cream on top :)
Sun Japanese Dining 
30 Victoria Street, Chijmes #02-01
Tel.: +65 6336 3166
Lunch: 12pm-3pm daily
Dinner: 6.30pm-11pm (Mon-Sat)
6pm-10.30pm (Sun & PH)

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