Immigrants gastrobar

probably one of the more interesting, “themed” gastrobars around, although i didnt try the drinks here! but the food was really punchy. pretty small portions though, so it’s more for tasting and pairing with drinks i guess. almost everything was tapas-style.
2012-11-18 18.15.57
started with the heritage salsa which we felt was kinda a cheat to be served as a dish! :P haha. cos it was really nothing much, just a relish made with chili, shallots, mango, jackfruit and herbs, all chopped into tiny pieces and served with fried wonton skins.
2012-11-18 18.23.33
we were warned that the squid bombs ($14) are REALLY spicy. squids grilled on charcoal and stuffed with a blend of spices and two different types of chili. gosh. it was really the bomb, in terms of its spiciness!!! it would definitely be great paired with a mug of cold beer to wash it down. our tongues were literally burning after this, but super shiok! i honestly do think that the menu exaggerates its descriptions way too much though. i’m trying to tell you this the way it is, but the menu was so fluffy that it created super high expectations for us, that left us feeling sorta disappointed in the end. not really a good thing.
2012-11-18 18.28.19
the immigrant chicken wings ($12) is a dish passed down from grandad, and they were so good with the chili sauce! it is marinated with wet and dry spices, which makes it rather fragrant. and the chili was da bombz.
2012-11-18 18.46.44
i would say the dish we enjoyed the most was the beef cheek briyani ($28). it was the only main dish we had, and the only dish with a substantial portion. i loved how the beef check was soooo tender and fell apart so easily when prodded with a fork. it was marinated in a lovely sauce of spices, and served with fragrant rice. yummy! but ex though. haha.
overall, i would say, come here for the ambience and the chili, but the food ain’t that wonderful.
Immigrants Gastrobar
467 Joo Chiat Road
Tel.: +65 8511 7322
Daily 5pm-12mn

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