Presentation plays an important role in the value that Zafferano brings to its customers. From the layout and décor of the restaurant, to the stunning 360-degree sights and the plating of each dish, Zafferano impresses with its detail in presenting the best to you.
The server places a breadbasket in front of you, and immediately, you will be spoilt for choice with the options provided. Choose from five varieties, from soft and fluffy ones to thin, crisp, pizza breads.
It’s great to start with something light, and we recommend the Capesante – a carpaccio of Hokkaido scallops – that has to be the prettiest appetizer ever! Arranged in the shape of a flower with the petals being the thin slivers of carpaccio, it is a feast for the eyes. The presence of orange piths counters the rawness of the scallops and whets the palate.
When there is a good harvest of summer truffles, like the season that has just passed, you do not want to miss the Risotto Zafferano. This saffron-flavoured risotto is mouth-wateringly fragrant with the earthy scent of truffles. Creamy and cheesy without being too overwhelming, it is nice to note that the slightly crunchy grains add a bit of bite to this dish, which makes it a pleasure to eat. A quail leg confit sits atop the risotto and is also delicious, with the aroma of being slow-cooked in its fats. Dig further into the risotto for bits of treasure in the form of foie gras, and this is definitely one decadent dish that Zafferano is famous for.
Another must-try from the mains is the Guancia. The wagyu beef cheek comes in a generously portioned slab, and is slow-cooked till it is absolutely tender such that it can be sliced easily with a knife and nearly melts in your mouth. It is cooked in a delightful Chianti red wine sauce that resembles a homely stew and hits all the right notes in terms of flavour and texture.
For desserts, the Cioccolato fondente is an absolute winner. A lovely chocolate fondant with a soft fluffy exterior that gives way to a molten lava river, this will send you to chocolate heaven in an instant. It comes with a zesty raspberry sorbet that is refreshing and balances the chocolate beautifully.
The selection of desserts is highly exciting and if you don’t know where to start, we suggest you order the dolci assortiti, which is a selection of the restaurant’s best desserts in bite sizes – something you can never go wrong with. Zafferano’s crème brulee comes with a little twist – a dollop of prune on the top of the vanilla crème lends a tinge of sourness to counter the potential overwhelming sweetness of the dessert. The Sigari di cioccolato is really interesting! A delicate cocoa cigar shell filled with Amedei black chocolate 70% mousse, it combines crisp and frothy textures in one, a juxtaposition in itself.
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Ocean Financial Centre Level 43
Tel.: +65 6509 1488
Mon-Wed 12pm-12mn
Thu 12pm-2am
Fri 12pm-3am
Sat 5pm-3am


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