Paul Bakery

i think it’s been a year since Paul opened in taka, and i’ve been wanting to try it since then!! so glad that i’ve got the chance to now :) their pastries are really super awesomeeeeee :D and i would love to go back for the desserts sometime. can’t believe i missed them, but i was really too full unfortunately :( went there for brunch!
2012-12-02 11.18.04
greedy me decided to order a patissier’s bread basket ($9.90) all for myself! actually i would suggest ordering this to share, together with other things (maybe…dessert? :P), but it definitely gives you the chance to try out their awesome breads which i am absolutely crazy about! i loved their croissant for it’s crackly texture and fluffy interior. i’ve had the chance to eat such wonderful croissants, like tiong bahru bakery as well! i would totally want to like a post on my favourite croissants or eggs benedict someday. hehe ^^ a surprising discovery was the briochette! when i first saw the picture of it, a round bun that didnt stand out much next to the croissant and pain au chocolat, i didnt take much notice of it. however, when i bit into the bun, i was surprised at how warm and fluffy and it was!!! i absolutely loved it! the briochette is also slightly dense, which makes it a delight to bite into.
on the other hand, i was kinda disappointed with the pain au chocolat as i felt it wasnt that wonderful as it was touted to be. for the flute (which is kinda like a french loaf/baguette), have it with the butter and jam provided. it’s yummy! :)
2012-12-02 11.19.18
papa had the Gaufre chocolat ($7.50) which is a waffle with chocolate sauce. while i felt that looks-wise, it wasnt very impressive, it tasted pretty good! i loved how the waffle was warm and fluffy inside, and the chocolate sauce was delectable!
2012-12-02 11.19.37
for the mains we had the Oeuf brouilles ($9.80) which is scrambled eggs with soft bread, cherry tomatoes, turkey ham and sauteed cherry tomatoes. we also ordered the Oeuf sur le plat ($9.80) which is exactly the same, except that it’s sunny side up eggs. in my opinion, stick to the breads/pastries/desserts at Paul (although i havent tried the desserts but i heard it’s good!) because the mains werent very outstanding. the eggs were pretty decent, but the rest of the dish was just alright and didnt impress.
2012-12-02 12.16.18
anyway, to end off on a good note, here is a teaser of the desserts on offer! dont they look gorgeous <3.<3 hehe.
Ngee Ann City Tower A #03-16
Tel.: +65 6836 5932
Sun–Thu 8.30am-10pm
Fri–Sat 8.30am-11pm


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