I can’t believe I waited so long to write this!! I’ve actually got quite a few food posts that I haven’t managed to write till now xP
Really glad that I had the chance to try Arbite finally!! And it’s in one of the prettiest neighbourhoods that are quite near my house ^^ I love serangoon gardens! It’s like a little town of its own.
Starting with the drinks, they had such an interesting selection that I had a hard time choosing! I ordered the green tea and vanilla milkshake ($6) which was absolutely yummy!!! It was not too thick, but had enough creaminess and substance, which is why I loved it.
zhen ordered the iced chocolate ($5.50) which was delicious too! Super thick and chocolate-y yummmz :D
Arbite doesn’t have truffle fries on its menu, but you can request for it! can’t remember what was the price though. It was pretty good! Thick cut fries that were seasoned with the truffle essence. I still think PS café has the best truffle fries though! The seasoning is un-matchable haha.
Since it was brunch, so we chose stuff from the lunch menu as well :P the grilled Moroccan chicken ($15.90) was a rather interesting dish. It’s a chicken thigh marinated in Moroccan spices, giving it a lovely flavour, and is served with pilaf rice, side salad and tomato olive salsa.
Zhen ordered the frittata ($14.90) which is an Italian style open face omelette filled with lots of ingredients! Bacon, asparagus, onions, potato, fresh tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. It was really a smorgasbord of flavours!
The sea salt caramel banana pancakes ($14.90) was alright…I felt it was not spectacular or anything but was pretty decent. The pancakes were fluffy with caramelized bananas layered in between them and drizzled with maple syrup.
And I have to say that I LOVED my eggs benedict ($11.90)!!! haha. no #1 fan of this dish and when I have a good version of it, I definitely have to rave about it :D they use brioche at Arbite for the bread and I loved how soft and fluffy it was!! Perfect for soaking up the hollandaise sauce, which was provided in abundance which was another plus point :) yummy!
We wanted to try their desserts as well, but unfortunately it was too much for us xP I heard the wife’s chocolate cake is damn awesome though!!! Someone try it and tell me please! I wanna go back someday for it.
66A Serangoon Garden Way
Tel.: +65 6287 0430
Tue – Fri 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm
Sat – Sun 11.00am-10.30pm

Closed on Monday

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