Happy Valentines! :)))

had my first ever real valentines day, and in the land of romantic italy! :) how awesome is that heh ^^ feel so super duper lucky to be here with my darling :)
valentines day gave us a chance to explore our little town a bit more haha. went to this restaurant that is really near the campus! just a 10min walk, which i totally appreciated since it’s always so c-c-colddd at night and i was wearing a dress haha. and good job to sam who managed to make a reservation in italian after just being here for two weeks! (Y) :D hee and dont you think the name of the restaurant is so apt? ;)
as it’s name suggests, this place is famous for their burgers. i dont usually associate italian food with burgers, but those that they do here are SO GOOD. seriously damn good hahaha. i think almost everything on the plate is handmade, which makes it taste so fresh and delicious!! i didnt really fancy the sound of their love eat burger (although it’s supposed to be their speciality), so i ordered the rossini burger (€14) instead. it was soooooo yummy!!!! :D the bread itself had a wonderful bite with it’s perfectly toasted crispy exterior that crackles when you bite into it, and soft fluffy interior. dive further into the burger and there is a lovely Chianina (i googled it, it’s an italian breed of cattle ooooh) beef patty which is delightfully succulent and juicy! plus an oozy layer of cheese and some vegetables. gosh, this burger is more balanced than any other meal i’ve had in italy! haha i still can’t get over the fact that all i’m eating here is carbs :( FAT :( anyway, the burger is also supposed to have some cream of foie gras thing, which i was so excited about, but in the end i couldnt really taste it! no matter, i still loved my burger anyway. and the baked potatoes that came with it were the BEST baked potatoes i’ve ever eaten in my whole life. not kidding! they were so beautifully seasoned with butter and other spices, and they were just simply orgasmic!!
sam ordered the montecantero burger (€12) which was stuffed with succulent Piedmont beef, cheese and had a lovely truffle sauce in it! :) i could smell the truffles from the opposite side of the table yummmms. totally made me drool haha. and the potato chips!!! omg they were so good :D i think they’re handmade and the texture was just perfect! cut to the right thickness and fried till they had a mouth-watering crunch :D
for dessert, i had the torta di mela (€5) which is an apple cake! so interesting!!!! i always thought that ‘torta’ meant tart, but i just learnt in my italian class that it actually means cake. haha and i was wondering how come the consistency of my dessert was so un-tart-like! :p but it was delicious :))) warm and moist with a slightly crisp crust, paired with icy cold vanilla gelato. i was in dessert heaven ^^
sam had the creme brulee (€5) which was crazy sweet hahaha. not really my thing, but he liked it! :)
anyway, the service of this restaurant was really good! :)) the waitstaff are all really nice, and they tried to translate the menu into english for us when we told them that we couldnt speak much italian. and they were really willing to recommend dishes and wines to us. and even gave us a discount on the bill for no reason! haha! so sam gave them a huge tip to thank them for it :) so gonna go back again! maybe i’ll try the love eat burger after all heh :)
and because we had our dinner pre-valentines (cos we had a meeting on the day of valentines itself -.- spoilerrr haha), i got this pretty bouquet postman-style (delivered by the man himself haha) on 14feb! :) although i kinda knew everything already haha cos here we go around together almost all the time, but it was still so sweet anyway :’) for the record, i didnt know he bought the chocolate for me! haha. we were at the supermarket together and i thought the chocs were for himself. hee. and the best part was his sweet letter to me :’)
to my darling valentine: thank you and i love you! :*)
i hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day, whether with your partner, friends or family! <3

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