La Nonna

Stepping into La Nonna is like entering a traditional Italian home, where you are welcomed into the open arms of a team of friendly wait-staff, amidst a delightfully warm, cosy atmosphere. From the huge stove where your wood-fired pizzas are prepared, to the chalkboard list of specials served by the restaurant, you feel instantly hyped up for your meal ahead. La Nonna has so many favourites among its regulars that it is impossible to have all the dishes listed on the menu. Instead, to keep the menu fresh, it is updated every 6 weeks, so that customers will always have something new to try, and signature dishes are then proudly displayed on a huge chalkboard, and can be ordered to evoke some sentimental memories. All the dishes recommended in this article are the restaurant’s best sellers, which have been around since its inception.
The Mozzarella E Parma is a great appetizer to start with. Amazingly fragrant, slightly chewy mozzarella is encased within streaks of 18-month aged Parma ham. This sits on a bed of fresh salad that is laced with a delicate amount of balsamic vinegar reduction, which is absolutely heavenly! This perfectly exemplifies the adage ‘old is gold’, where matured balsamic vinegar is patiently boiled till approximately one third of its volume, and the result is a concentrated, sweet-sour sauce that goes beautifully well with the vegetables.
Also, check out the Baby Spinach salad, which you would enjoy for its refreshing, light feel, despite the hefty portion. A variety of tastes comprise this dish: the savoury smoked duck breast atop it complements the natural flavour of the greens, cherry tomatoes lend a touch of sweetness, while shreds of shaved parmesan cheese add a sharp tang to spice up the dish.
You have got to try the La Nonna pizza! Simply the fact that this restaurant’s namesake is part of its name says something about its significance. It is probably the only pizza in Singapore that is made with an inimitable black truffle sauce, made in-house, and the aroma it imparts to the pizza is delicious. A subtle whiff of its smell hints at its essence, and it starts off understated, but slowly spreads and engulfs your olfactory senses and taste buds. The stalk of asparagus blends with well with the sauce, providing a contrast in terms of flavour and texture, but doesn’t overpower the dish’s highlight, which is the truffle. You will also love the runny sunny side up egg yolk in the centre of the pizza.
For the mains, we recommend the pan-fried cod fillet with mash potatoes, sautéed spinach and balsamic reduction. This is one of the dishes that has been removed from the revamped menu, but is retained on the chalkboard with signature dishes. The codfish is shipped fresh from New Zealand, and proudly declared to be saltwater codfish, which is proclaimed to be tastier than the varieties from freshwater lakes. The fish has a pleasant, firm texture with a crisp skin. But it’s the sides that stand out even more! You will love the mashed potato for its buttery flavour, and the spinach is boiled till it is soft, drenched with olive oil and scattered with bits of garlic. Simply wonderful!
And for dessert, you have to try the Lemon Tart! A delicious crust, a robust lemony zest, and the fact that it is served warm is a plus! Probably one of the best lemon tarts you can get!
*This is an article i wrote for (: Try out their online reservation service, and you can check out more articles there!
La Nonna
76 Namly Place
Tel.: +65 6762 1587
Daily 12pm-2pm

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