Alfresco Gusto

Choose from either the bustling alfresco Italian dining atmosphere outdoors, or snuggle in the cosy comfort of the gelataria indoors. Alfresco Gusto whips up a range of dishes covering all aspects of Italian cuisine – from the antipasti to the pastas, pizzas, gnocchi, mains and desserts, not forgetting the delectable gelato that simply begs for you to eat it.
The mushroom ragout is a good option to begin your meal with. Bathed in a delicious cream and white wine sauce, the mushrooms have a wonderfully deep robust taste that pairs well with the accompanying garlic crostini.
The tuna salad is one of Alfresco Gusto’s popular dishes, and we highly recommend it as a starter as well.  It is extremely refreshing, with the mesclun and cherry tomatoes. Cubes of feta cheese and olives add a burst of flavour to the leafy greeens, and the chunky pieces of seared tuna are an absolute delight! A contrast in itself with its crunchy raw section with flaky seared meat on the outside, the generous portion lends an additional dimension to the salad.
The prawn linguine is drenched in an aromatic lobster bisque that envelopes you the moment you spoon it into your mouth. The broth is potently rich, evidence of the chef’s attention to detail in bringing out the essence of the dish. The pasta is tossed with succulent tiger prawns that are so bouncy and fresh, and abundant in portion, you will absolutely relish them.
We also recommend the pizza meatball – huge beef meatballs, nicely minced, propped on a thin crispy pizza crust, with mozzarella cheese caresses the pizza and meat, and hits all the right notes.
For desserts, the chocolate fondant is a favourite. Pierce into the crusty exterior of the chocolate cake, and a velvety molten chocolate sauce oozes out with elegance. You will love the pairing with the icy cold milky gelato that comes with it, for a juxtaposition of taste, temperatures and textures.
For a lighter option for dessert, try the pear tart tartin, which is a caramelized pear tart. The pear is soothing in its boiled state and complements the crisp pastry nicely.
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Alfresco Gusto
ION Orchard #01-15
Tel.: +65 6509 9380
Sun-Tue 11am-12am
Wed & Thu 11am-1am
Fri & Sat 11am-2am

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