My first week in Italy

it’s been one week since i got to italy and it seems like time has just flown past! one week of my exchange come and gone haha. and it’s just been so many new experiences and activities and people. it seems like time has just flown, and also like it has stopped and i’m in a limbo haha. anyway, this first week has been fascinating, exciting and so refreshing :) plus a lil scary.
IMG_8023 IMG_8009 IMG_8016 IMG_8021
big thanks to all these lovely people who came to send sam & i off at the airport! :)) flight was at 1.30am on a thursday morning so can just imagine the time we were at the airport x.x especially for those who had work the next morning, thanks for coming! :) <3
say hello to me in italy!!!!! :D :D :D so excited to reach milan and start exploring the place :) i think it was pretty good that we had three days to ourselves to explore and check out this city :)
visited the Duomo, which is one of the most MAGNIFICENT buildings everrr. it is so gorgeous :’)
the area we were staying at was the suburban region and didnt look very ‘italian’ to me. seemed pretty much like america or any other western country! then we went exploring over the next couple of days, and when we saw the Duomo, the castle and just strolled down random pretty districts, it really hit me then, that i was (or rather, i AM) in Europe!!!! :’) omg. this place is so beautiful. my photos totally do not do it justice. all these old buildings are so so gorgeously classic and romantic.
after our three days in milan city, headed to castellanza, where we will be staying for the next four months :) a small town in the outskirts of milan central, with a population of 12,000 people – i fell in love with this place the moment i stepped out of the train station :))) of course, it helped that it was such a bright sunny day with blue skies, after two days of gloomy weather haha. but omgeeeee :D the spaciousness, greenery and quaintness of this town just draws me in :)
cooking is the cheapest way to survive here! :) haha poor students need to save $$. and this gives us the chance to eat more asian food (which is wayyy healthier than all the pastas and bread i’ve been eating zomg).
cooked bak kut teh for the international dinner! :D :D haha slightly diluted but still super yummy anw ^^
and to end off – OMG. the alcohol here is just crazy cheap!!!!! i practically grab a bottle of wine on my way out of the supermarket each time i go there. so affordable!! usually can get a bottle for <5euros, when it costs at least S$25 in singapore -.- seriouslyyyy. and even at the bars & pubs it's so affordable!!! usually in singapore i think it's a waste of money to buy drinks. here, it's all part of the experience hehe ^^ so fun! this bottle of carbanet sauvingnon was so delicious :) i'm gonna try to learn more about wines while i'm here, hopefully become better at tasting wine after this! :D

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