it’s usually not easy to find affordable french food in singapore, with its slightly stuffy image of the french arrogance. -i mean it in a good way-
but poulet does it different! a casual setting in the revamped bugis+, this place doesnt take reservations, and it fills up fast! so do go early if you want to get a seat there :)
their specialty is the poulet roti ($15.80 half, $28.80 whole), which is the french roast chicken. i was initially skeptical about it, thinking it would be overly fried (i guess i kinda had duck confit in mind when i was thinking this :P), but turned out to be pleasantly surprised! :) the skin was a lovely crisp, but definitely not oily, and the chicken meat was deliciously juicy and succulent! we absolutely devoured every bit of it. the chicken came bathed in a creamy sauce, which was no doubt sinful, but i absolutely couldnt resist dipping my chicken in it!!! the sauce brought out the flavours of the poultry beautifully.

we also ordered the braised chicken (i forgot to take a photo of the menu! so i can’t remember the exact name and price >.< think it was around $14.80). this is the kind of food-for-the-soul you would love to have on a rainy day. the chicken is braised till the meat falls off the bone, and it comes with a broth that is simply homely.

you may want to try out their appetizers as well! check out the sauteed mushrooms. they were really fragrant and yummy!
Bugis+ #04-12
Tel.: +65 6509 9411
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm

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