Chez Petit Salut

Chez Petit Salut is tucked away in Tower 3 of Marina Bay Financial Centre, and it could be easy to miss if you’re not looking out for it. But chancing upon this restaurant is like uncovering a hidden gem – slightly unpolished, but with an unmistakably unique allure that draws you into its comfort gently.
For something light to whet your appetite, try the pan seared Hokkaido scallops. It comes highly recommended by the staff, and we concur. Delightfully fresh and bouncy, the scallops are paired with a lovely pumpkin puree that is smooth and flavourful, and you will notice how the contrast in textures – creamy puree and springy meat – makes for a well-rounded dish.
How can you miss out on foie gras at a French restaurant? Chez Petit Salut does theirs completely sinfully, with unabashed pride. The liver comes in a thick slab, lusciously rich, with the fats oozing out and melting in your mouth. This is balanced out by the green apples and strawberries, which provide a refreshing spin on the dish to cleanse your palate in between mouthfuls of the meaty goodness. We also love how the maple syrup reduction adds a touch of concentrated sweetness to the dish.
Chez Petit Salut does its soups beautifully. The lobster bisque is made from roasted crustaceans, boiled till they form an emulsion seen atop the soup. The froth hints at the lightness of this soup, and it has a little surprise inside, in the form of a piece of ravioli. Encasing a blend of mixed vegetables, including carrots and celery among others, it is a thoughtful addition that makes this soup all the more interesting.
The French onion soup is a delicious French classic – the chicken stock is super appetizing, and with the rustic flavours of the cheese and croutons, this is a homely dish that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.
For the mains, we suggest you try the oven roasted French quail stuffed with wild mushrooms, and guess what, more foie gras. The meat of the quail is so tender it falls away easily with a fork. It is served atop a fragrant veal jus, which further brings out the essence of the bird, and comes with mashed potato on the side, which you will absolutely adore. Smooth, creamy, with a slightly buttery taste, the mashed potato is a winner.
You could also try the pan roasted beef tenderloin with caramelized white peppercorn crust. The beef is grain-fed, cultivated till it is wonderfully tender, and the peppercorn on top is surprisingly delectable! Fiery, savoury and crusty all at once. Have the beef au natural, or pair it with some mustard for an additional kick.
With the range of options for dessert, you absolutely have to leave some space for it! Try the choux buns, which are a lovely combination of warm chocolate sauce and cold vanilla ice cream encased in a fluffy pastry.
Or the pear ‘tarte tatin’, which is a delight with its feathery crust, and sweet juicy fruit.
Another option is the passion fruit soufflé, which we love for its pillowy, light-as-air texture.
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Chez Petit Salut
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 #01-07
Tel.: +65 6604 6107
Mon-Fri 11am-3pm

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