PS Cafe

ooh i’ve heard so much about PS Cafe, and it’s been around for years! but i only finally got the chance to try it now :) and i’m so glad that i did!!!! it was awesome :) i went to the branch at ann siang hill, and i have to say that it has a really lovely ambience. tucked away in a corner, up a flight of stairs, and there is a very rustic, victorian-feel about the place. it was quite empty when we were there on an early sunday morning, just a few tables occupied, all ang-mohs. you feel as though you’re overseas, except that when you look out, you can admire the beautiful skyline of the CBD.
i’ve heard about their truffle shoestring fries ($15). and i’ve never had much experience with truffle fries, but i’ve never been that impressed with those i’ve tried so far. UNTIL THIS. listen up, PS Cafe’s truffle fries are LEGENDARY. they are just simply darn awesome!!!! i have no words i can use to express this. when it came to the table, the whoosh of the smell of truffles just hit me. and the fries are coated in a lovely aroma of truffle essence, with grated parmesan cheese that further embodies the truffle flavour. and each piece of the fries is just super crisp and a delight to eat.
the strawberry pancakes ($23) were, i felt, nothing very spectacular. it was a generous stack of homely fluffy pancakes though :) i liked how they were not done in a “perfect” polished way, but rather, looked like they had been tossed together rather artistically. and the strawberries were inside the pancake batter! interesting :) they came with whipped cream, maple syrup and poached berries (which were super sweet!!!!).
i had the chorizo and eggs ($28). loved how fragrant the sausage was – it went beautifully with the toasted sourdough, mushrooms, avocado and eggs. you can choose to have the eggs poached/scrambled/fried.
the steak sandwich ($29) was a whopper of a burger! :) and it was goooood. it was one of their specials, so it isnt on the menu. there were so many layers of things, can’t figure out what it was. but the beef was really tender. beautifully done :) and it came with more fries! just normal shoestring fries, which was still yummy :)
love this place, love the ambience. definitely recommended for dates! ;)
PS Cafe
A.S.H. Park
45 Ann Siang Road #02-02
Tel.: +65 6222 3143
*only admits adults & teenagers
Brunch: Sat, Sun & PH 9.30am-4pm
Lunch: Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm
Tea: Mon-Fri 3.30pm-6pm
Sat, Sun & PH 4pm-6pm
Dinner: Daily 6.30pm-12am

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