Ciao! :)

hello from italy!!!! (: i was in a dilemma whether to start writing in my diary first, or on my blog, and guess who won! :p this is just gonna be a short one. just a lil flavour of what i’ve been doing so far from photos in my phone! yeah oops lazy to post too much stuff for now – busy exploring the place! ^^ haha.
2013-01-31 01.27.40
on the plane to italy! :) super long flight of 13 hours, sit until butt pain. it wasnt the longest flight i’ve taken (to USA it was 18hrs before the stopover omg…) but still, i woke up after sleeping for 5hours, and it felt like forever already!!! thank goodness i didnt have really bad air sickness this time, so it was still alright i guess.
2013-01-31 11.14.55
this was the room we rented in milan! (: staying here for three nights before heading to LIUC when school starts. it’s been pretty fun here, trying to find out how to get around the place, barely knowing any Italian at all (it’s really quite torturous! haha and feel kinda bad that we keep asking ‘do you know how to speak english???’ cos we’re so desperate and lost :p). but we’ve really walked quite a bit in these two days, so got some super good exercise! :D first day slept at 9pm cos we were soooo exhausted after the whole day haha.
2013-01-31 13.56.18
first meal in italy was a focaccia that cost 2.40euros! and it was so big! heh ^^ that’s what happens when you’re on a budget. manage to get the most bang for our buck.
2013-02-01 16.08.59
visited the Duomo today (: one of the most iconic landmarks in milan. it was so beautiful and impressive! the outside was really crazy cos of all the people who try to cheat your money (ughh it was quite annoying trying to avoid them. can’t even take a photo in peace!!!! haha i think after awhile i just tskked at them cos i was so irritated :p). but inside the cathedral, it’s peaceful, and so quietly enchanting.
2013-02-01 21.30.18
more bang for our buck! hehe cooked this super yummy minestrone-like soup for dinner! and it was so filling!!!! all veggies heh. i can’t really believe this but i’m SUPER deprived of veggies here after one day. so we bought a whole bunch of vegetables plus some pasta and threw it in with chicken stock to make this lovely comforting pot of soup :)) the joy of homecooked food!!!! soooo delicious ^^ and super affordable. i’m really just thinking in euros now. well, looking at the prices in this discount supermarket we bought our food, i must say that i’m quite pleased with our haul :D less than 10euros for dinner for two nights (enough for tmr!) plus maybe breakfast and snacks thrown in woohoo :D
okie, shall update properly with pics from my camera next time :)
as they say in italy, Ciao!

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