Last week of January updates

okay guess what! by the time you read this post, I WOULD BE ON MY WAY TO ITALY FOR 4 MONTHS!!!!!!! omgomgomg typing this now i’m almost hyperventilating already. with excitement :D and also because i havent packed a single thing and i only have a couple of days. haha okay i think it’s weird reading this from your perspective but i’m scheduling this post so i can spread them out. anyway, not the point.
updates! (:
2013-01-26 17.26.31
i got my hair permed! :) one day after internship ended it was time for grooming before exchange! :p haha don’t laugh. a lot of things to do okay. anyway, first time perming my hair and i’m glad to say it turned out pretty well! ^^ yay! i would have preferred larger, more voluminous curls, but i think it’s cos my hair is too thin. been dropping hair like mad the past year cos of swimming. hopefully it’ll be better in europe! anyway, still happy with the result :) thanks mummy :D
2013-01-25 14.04.38
finished my internship at DBS ^^ totally enjoyed myself being there for the past two months. it was such an amazing experience working there. i didnt expect to have such a great experience after the internship, but it was! i learned so much, and met such wonderful people :’) it really showed me how important it is to have friendly colleagues and supportive bosses in the workplace. makes working so much more enjoyable! and the fact that our office is located at the marina bay is a plus of course, since i get to walk past my favourite place every single day. i swear the view of the bay and breeze just invigorates me every morning when it’s a drag to wake up before 7am. the morning thing is still a pain though :/ and the place is super ulu -.- but i met really amazing people there, and i would definitely go back to visit! :) prepared all these pretty things in the picture on my last day for everyone ^^ it’s really quite a joy making people happy i realised :) and it was such a bittersweet feeling leaving :’) happy for freedom, but i’m really gonna miss the people!
2013-01-21 18.32.12
went on a sashimi craze with sam on monday ^^ the couple of weeks right before exchange, i was totally focused on eating asian food as much as possible. i’m so gonna miss chinese food in europe :((( anyway, if you don’t know, Standing Sushi Bar has the most amazing sashimi deal on monday – $3 for a plate of 5 pcs of salmon sashimi!!!! where else can you get that?! :O and sake goes for $1. so awesome! ^^ i ordered nothing but plates and plates of sashimi, plus one tiny piece of sushi for $2.50 (which was totally not really worth it considering how cheap the sashimi was) just for some rice. i’m not a huge fan of sake, but ordered it anyway, since it was so affordable as well! reservations are recommended on mondays since this is such a popular deal!
Standing Sushi Bar
Marina Bay Link Mall B2-51
Tel.: +65 6634 7068
Mon-Fri 11.30am-9pm
Sat 11.30am-6pm
finally did a food tasting after the longest time! and im not gonna do one for a long time more :( but it was so fun! :) went with SK! :) and it was such a mad rush and we were crazy late xP oops! >.< but it was such an enjoyable meal :) the food at house@dempsey is amazing! they just changed their menu recently, go check it out! and look out for my post next time hehe. their fries were orgasmic seriously. O.M.G. truffle taro fries & pumpkin hazelnut fries – i 100% recommend them. where else would you be able to find such unique fries (they're really made of taro & pumpkin!) that taste so awesome?! order BOTH please. cannot finish then da bao. they are superb!! i had an overdose of (truffle) fries last week but they were just so good heh.
met up with the hopers! :)) happy happy! it’s so nice that we finally get to meet up as a whole group. so rare :( and i dont think we’ll be able to do that for another year with me flying off for exchange (now, YES right now!!! hee!) and scott & liying only flying next sem and coming back end of the year :'( i’m gonna miss them so much! and that was the last day i saw mel too until we both get back from exchange! but it was fun ^^ heard all of dom’s enlightened stories, although the stuff he did was so wild O.O i’m so not gonna do that in europe. gosh. haha but we had fun :) stayed out super late until i caught the 2nd last bus! :O luckily sam was there so i had company home :)
and that’s all! next post will be HELLO FROM ITALY :D (if i’m not too lazy to post haha).
stay safe xx :) – yeah i’m talking to myself :p

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