Etna Duxton

With 80%-85% of the ingredients freshly flown in from Italy, you can be sure that the seafood served at Etna is of the utmost quality. Together with meats sourced from Australia and the United States, Etna promises to dish out cuisine of the highest standards and takes pride in the perfection of every course. The specialties here include its seafood, which is fresh from the Mediterranean sea, and as they are proud to say ‘more flavourful than the seafood you can find anywhere else’.
One thing you’ll notice about the list of appetizers is that many of them have cheese in it. And why not, when there are so many varieties, all with their unique characteristics that enhance the various elements of each dish. Take the Boccocini di Asiago e Prosciutto for instance. The Asiago cheese is melted slightly, such it becomes delightfully soft and fluffy. While the savoury taste of the Parma ham is a tad overwhelming, it sharpens your taste buds, allowing you to discern the various textures of the smooth creamy cheese, streaky slices of ham and the crisp bread. You will absolutely adore the mushrooms, which are so juicy, the earthy aromas completely envelop you once you bite into them. Also try the cherry tomatoes on the side! They are stunningly delicious – a touch of sour, followed by a burst of sweet syrupy juices. A simple ingredient that instantly brightens up the whole dish.
For the mains, you should definitely try some of the seafood. The seabass comes highly recommended, and it’s very worth its value as well! A hefty 400g slab of fish, massive by any standards, grilled to tender perfection, and served in its full glory with a simple garnishing of garlic. You can opt for the chef to de-bone it for you thereafter, so that you can eat it easily without the bones getting in the way. The fish is extremely fresh, cooked with lemon and thyme stuffed beneath the skin such that the zest and herbs are fully absorbed during the process.
Finally, desserts. It’s almost impossible to choose because everything sounds so tempting. But we’d highly recommend that you try these two – the panna cotta and tiramisu. The presentation of the panna cotta is already a feast in itself with its lovely three-layers served in a cocktail glass. The top layer is a mango puree, followed by the vanilla panna cotta. Etna’s version is creamer than what you would find in other restaurants, as they use less gelatine in creating it. This is finished off with a layer of tangy-sweet mixed berries at the bottom. The way to eat it? Scoop all three layers right fro the bottom and pop it into your mouth to savour the flavours together.
Etna’s tiramisu is like no other, with a special ingredient to make it stand out from the rest – pistachio cream, and a layer of pistachio nuts on top. We completely adore it! The pistachio’s nutty essence complements the coffee perfectly and produces a well-balanced, light, wonderful dessert to end your meal.
*This is an article i wrote for (: Try out their online reservation service, and you can check out more articles there!
Etna Duxton
50 Duxton Road
Tel.: +65 6220 5513
Mon-Sun 12pm-2.30pm

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