Noti Restaurant & Bar

Stepping into Noti is much like entering a little Italy. Canvas photographs of the charming back alleys of Italy adorn the walls, framed by the soft lighting that glows above them. A magnificent photograph of a 600-tree olive garden in Otranto, Puglia catches your attention from the far end of the restaurant. It is the extra virgin oil from this olive garden, produced by the Rossetti family that adds a special touch to virtually every dish in this restaurant.
For starters, Toni will definitely encourage you to try their specialty deep fried risotto balls ($8). Sounds like something different, why not give it a shot? In fact, the appetizers at Noti set a high bar for further expectations with the precise execution in which they are delivered. Do not be shy in asking for recommendations. As with most Italian restaurants, the hosts here are naturally talented in making you feel completely at ease and are always excited to share their suggestions with you. The deep fried risotto balls are a juxtaposition of textures – with soft fluffy rice encased within a lightly breaded exterior. They come piping hot so do be careful! Although there are definitely worth getting a burnt tongue, for they are delightful! The fresh mozzarella oozes out, making the rice slightly moist, and the streaks of ham in the centre of the ball are a wonderful surprise.
Also try the tasty spicy calamari fritti with lemon mayo ($9). This has a lovely light crust, almost as if done tempura-style. The calamari is springy, and we love how the lemon adds a zing to perk up Noti’s rendition of this dish.
Some of the dishes at Noti are actually based on recipes from Toni’s mother! You can be sure that these are true-blue Italian dishes that embody the essence of the South Italian cuisine. The freshly made pasta with mama’s meat ragout ($22) for instance, is a homely dish that is simple food for the soul.
Alternatively, another pasta dish that we recommend would be the crabmeat linguine with fresh tomato sauce ($26). This was beautifully done – the fluffy shreds of crabmeat embellished the al dente linguine, producing a delicious blend of flavours. On top of that, the tomato sauce had a slightly spicy kick, reminiscent of the famous chilli crab, which Singaporeans love.
Save some room for desserts – they all sound so lovely, which makes it difficult to choose from. Annalisa’s homemade espresso tiramisu ($11) has a robust coffee aroma, and chunks of chocolate within provide an interesting element to this signature Italian dessert. We love Mama’s torta di mele ($13), an apple pie that feels healthy, and yet certainly scrumptious; and the crostata ($12)  satisfies chocolate fans with its thick chocolate between two layers of sponge cake.
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Noti Restaurant & Bar
54 Club Street
Tel.: +65 6222 0089
Mon-Sat: 11:30am – 3pm
5.30pm – 11pm

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