Satsuma Sochu Dining Bar

this is a japanese restaurant that stands out from others in terms of its specialties! – it’s famous for its grilled meats and sochu.
so of course we had to try their alcohol when we went to this restaurant! i wouldnt recommend the one we tried though :P the drinks are pretty expensive by the glass, so we decided it would be better to get a bottle to share among the 5 of us. well, it was a little too much after awhile, especially since we didnt really like the flavour we ordered :P the one we got was the Fusa No Tsuyu ($75 for 720ml bottle) – described as having a mild fruity nose of pears, showing harmonious balanced between fruits and grain. perhaps because the texture was rather dry, so we didnt like it much xP
instead of ordering the usual salmon sashimi, the waitress recommended that we try the horse mackeral instead! sounded so exotic :O haha. it’s seasonal apparently, so since it was in stock, we decided to order it. pretty expensive though! alright, actually this entire meal was really quite expensive -.- the waitress kept recommending dishes that were pretty pricey. the horse mackeral sashimi was a whopping $55, but considering it was a whole fish, i suppose it was pretty worth it. i liked the taste and slightly crunchy texture! :) kinda reminds me of tuna.
in addition, to make your purchase worth the money, they even deep-fried the bones for us! deliciously crispy and surprisingly with a relatively generous amount of meat, this was quite a yummy dish!
we really loved the stir fry pork belly with kimchi ($18)! :) it was really flavourful, drenched in the kimchi sauce – absolutely wonderful ^^
the japanese yam tea rice ($12) was a really interesting dish! we completely did not expect it to be so soupy :P i thought it was fried rice!!! -.- but it was pretty interesting. felt like a wholesome healthy dish :) the tea soup had a mild flavour, kind of like soup for the soul :)
for grills we had the chicken thigh with leek ($6)
the savoury pancake ($6) was another surprising dish! erm, we didnt really expect the pancake to look like this :P hahaha. it was quite yummy anyway :)
we also liked the mushroom stuffed with minced chicken ($6) which had a good balance of flavours between the meat and mushroom.
Satsuma Sochu Dining Bar
1 Nanson Road
The Gallery Hotel #01-10/#02-10
Tel: +65 6235 3565
Weekdays: 12pm – 2.30pm
Sun to Thu: 6pm – 10.30pm
Fri to Sat: 6pm – 1am


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