Kuriya Dining

Kuriya Dining serves up Japanese food with a dash of fusion. There is something different in every dish. Expect surprises, in the little bursts of unexpected flavours or the arrangement on the plate. While Kuriya is distinctly Japanese in the precision of its execution, it steps out of the traditional boundaries to bring out a unique element in each dish. With a 10-seater sushi counter where you can observe the chef deftly putting together your next dish, 3 private rooms, and an abundance of comfortable cubicles, Kuriya offers a variety of options that caters to the needs of various clientele.
You would expect to find raw fish in a Japanese restaurant, but what about raw beef? Kuriya’s beef tataki is beautifully done – thin slices seared around the edges and left rare inside, the meat exuded a lovely smoky aroma from the grill. The marbled interior is tender and yields easily to your bite, while presenting some resistance with a bit of chewiness. Ask for the ponzu sauce, which is a sweet Japanese vinegar that lends a tangy sourness to open up your taste buds.
Instead of going for the ubiquitous sashimi, why don’t you try the sashimi salad version? It gives a wider variety of fish to sample, all in bite-sized pieces which even makes it suitable for those who are resistant to the taste of rawness. The salad packs a punch with the riot of flavours, textures and colours, which makes for such an exciting dish! Crispy silverfish scattered inside add an interesting crunch, while avocado pieces provide a neutral balance. Topped with a sesame sauces that livens the dish up, this is definitely a great choice to kick-off your meal at Kuriya.
The steamed asari clam with garlic butter is so fragrant that you can smell the perfume of the garlic wafting from the dish the moment it is placed on the table. The dish is characterised by its rich fortifying broth, made from an appetizing soup base. The clams, bathed in the broth, are very fresh, and detach from their shells easily, before sliding into your mouth. Oishi!
We highly recommend the grilled beef with miso on hoba. Savouring this dish is sure to give you one of the most blissful feelings ever. Take a nibble of the beef, and immediately, the intense flavours explode in your mouth – the juice, tinged with the essence of the fat, is so delicious; the texture, a perfect medium doneness; the meat is still reddish, succulent, and retains its juices which deftly draws out its core. It is served on a crisp magnolia leaf, with an interesting miso paste enhanced with mirin and other ingredients.
Cleanse your palate at the end of the meal with a light dessert – the yuzu sorbet is super refreshing, and flirts with sweet and sour notes in each bite. A simple dessert, and perfectly satisfying.
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Kuriya Dining
Great World City #01-28
Tel.: +65 6736 0888
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm (Last order: 2.15pm)
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm (Last order: 10.00pm)


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