Happy New Year! (:

helloooo happy new year!! :) okay this is like so belated :p haha but it’s the first post i’m properly writing for 2013 which isnt a scheduled post! if you noticed, the previous few posts were about food and all sorts of other stuff, but i havent really managed to write about my new year because i’ve been so busy with work! not that it’s a bad thing, cos i’ve quite enjoyed it and i think i’ve learnt a lot, but work is just tiring x.x like on a weekend i just dont feel like doing ANYTHING at all. i just want to laze at home, eat and sleep. #lifeofapig haha.
anyway, i had a awesome start to 2013 :D much like my super christmas celebration just a week before that ^^ these two festive seasons were really THE BEST i’ve ever had so far, and i’m so thankful to be spending it with all the people i love :’) so much better than 2011 where i had the worst new year & christmas -.- but 2012 was good. and i believe 2013 will be great too since i started it with an awesome bunch of people! :D
so new years’ eve was half day (omg how i miss the last two weeks when the work week was shortened by public holidays sigh) and i spent nearly the most part of the afternoon lazing at home with sam and my sisters! haha so funnn. dinner this time was not my responsibility (phew…haha), except for the salad which i helped to toss hehe. so i could just relax ^^ and it was such a spread! yummmmz. kai ma came down from malaysia to celebrate with us as well! it was such a heartwarming and relaxing get-together we had :)) awesome food, awesome drinks and awesome company. what more could i ask for to usher in the new year? :) wanted to go to marina bay or town area for the countdown initially, but it ended up pouring so we stayed in. not a bad thing since we had somersby apple cider, nachos and running man for company! and very luckily (for me :p), my darling didnt have to leave (or rather couldnt leave because there were no cabs) after all, so my countdown dream (FINALLY) came trueeeeee ^^ not exactly the way i intended (cos we werent in town to experience the real fireworks), but i wouldnt have had it any other way :’) it was the BEST countdown i ever had, with my family & sam by my side. love you all!! :*)
one week later, finally had our superheroes gathering! yayyyyy!!!!!! :D havent seen these bunch of people for the longest time, with all of them holidaying all over the place! anyway thanks for the souvenirs all of you! :) i guess that’s the only nice thing about them all disappearing overseas haha. i’m so glad to have them back!!! and thanks to SK who opened her house for us once again! :) always such cosy gatherings we have :) we had a new year’s tea this time! cos school was starting the next day (dunno why smu is the earliest to start school this time!) and have work >.< haha. it was so fun! thad & mel actually made little savoury bites for us! so nice of them ^^
and i’m so proud of my contribution :D i’ve been wanting to try this since forever!!!!! keep seeing pictures of it on instagram. so pretty! this photo does not do it justice. those i saw on instagram look so much prettier? but i love the packaging ^^ i was super angsty that day though haha. IT WAS SUCH A BLOODY HOT DAY. ridiculous weather, because it had been so nice the past few days with the rain and everything. and that day, mr sun just decided to come out with extra force, i think the temperature went up to like 35 degrees or sth and it was blazing hot. and the place to collect this thing was kinda ulu and i missed two buses, and my phone was spoilt so no google maps and no iris (and no twitter for me to rant). so annoyed >:( haha i realised now i can’t live without my phone. it was too torturous. haha i guess i also chose the wrong time to send my phone in to repair. i missed out on so many worthy instagram moments!!! :p
anyway i totally sidetracked! haha if you’re interested in this pretty tiramisu, check out The Tiramisu Hero (: they have quite a few options in terms of sizing to choose from. and also the amount of alcohol and sweetness. i got the Mommahero which is $7.50 for one. i think partly you’re paying for the packaging as well :P but it was soooo gorgeous i absolutely love it!!! the guys were just like, “so does it taste nice anot?” haha. tskk. they do not understand the importance of pretty things :p eat already makes you feel happier if it looks pretty too! hahaha. and to answer the question, yes it tastes good!
130106 New Year Tea
i absolutely love love LOVE these series of pictures we took! ^^ why we so cute :’) hehe. omg love these guys & girls <3<3 hee. so fun right!!!! this is why we (okay i, and the girls) love camwhoring. esp when in a big group, it's so fun! and we have such adorable pictures after that. who cares if we're all over 21 now :p hehe the kids in us will never die ;) actually have a lot more pics, but dont wanna spam you all with them. we had such a SUPER HILARIOUS time with pictionary, with thad's horrible drawing skills, and somehow mel still managed to guess the most number of words (sometimes not even bothering to wait for thad to start drawing but she'll spy on other ppl's drawings lol!!!! and guess it right!) haha it was so funny! really the bestest new year ever :))
and i can’t believe i only found out that day that rachel was flying off the next day! :O:O totally got the shock of my life. i thought she still had one more week at least! and begins the highlight of the first half of 2013. exchange in europe. so excited for her! the first to set foot on this journey and i can’t wait to join her there! sk if you see this, dont be sad! we’re definitely going to skype (oovoo actually!!!! so we can have a mass convo ^^) and you’ll be missed! <3
okay haha enough of the post now. till the next time i’m free to post again! *mwacks*

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