A winding road, a flight of steps, lush greenery. As you enter the oasis that is Suburbia, slightly hidden amidst the trees and shrubs that surround it, the buzz from the world outside falls away, as a soft but unmistakable sigh escapes from your lips. Set in a suburban and countryside environment, housed in a building of beautiful architecture that used to be the Ficus Station on Sentosa’s monorail system, Suburbia exudes a refined elegance and beauty. Surrounded by a manicured landscape and lush foliage, it is the perfect sanctuary to wind down after a busy day with a drink in hand.
With many European restaurants, foie gras is a must-have, and a must-try. As it is, Suburbia’s foie gras ($26) is one of their chef’s recommendations. Delightfully easy to slice through with little resistance, the foie gras has a rich, smooth body that slowly dissolves in your mouth. A pretty pear compote on the side is laced with cinnamon and provides a lightness that complements the foie gras nicely.
For a vegetarian option, try the Gratin of Cepes Mushroom Terrine ($28). Layers of sautéed cepes mushrooms are drenched in olive oil and crème au jus and gratinated till brown, and give off an earthy aroma which teases your senses. Topped with a red pesto that has a crunchy nutty texture, this is definitely an appetizing start to a meal.
You have a choice between the prawn bisque and soup of the day ($8 each). Be sure to check with the staff whether they’re serving the mushroom soup, which is one Suburbia’s best-sellers! With a generous amount of chunky mushrooms pureed into a creamy soup, fired up with a peppery kick, it is a favourite among mushroom lovers. The prawn bisque too, is agreeable, with the luscious essence of the prawn enveloped in the smooth soup. Despite its creaminess, the soup is somehow light, which allows you to enjoy the entire bowl without feeling too stuffed before your main course. And a little surprise at the bottom awaits – a crunchy juicy prawn to reward you for slurping up every bit of soup.
The grilled wagyu rib eye ($42) is a mind-blowing dish, with is gorgeous artistry and depth of flavour. The beautiful presentation of dishes at Suburbia characterizes the chef’s creativity and eye for design, and the expectations created with this first impression do not disappoint. The sexy musk of truffles wafts from the meat the moment this dish is placed in front of you. As you bite into the beef, fragrant juices ooze out with a burst of accents in your mouth. Absolutely delicious.
To cater to any sweet tooth, we recommend the warm chocolate fondant ($10). A charming spongy cake with a slightly chewy interior, piped with a delicious quantity of viscous chocolate mousse, this is a universally-enjoyed dessert. A unique accompaniment comes in the form of a honey & fig ice cream which you can’t say no to!
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30 Allanbrooke Road, Sentosa
Tel.: +65 6376 5938
Tue-Thu & Sun: 3pm-11pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 3pm-12am

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