If the world did end in 2012…

…i would have no regrets :)
okay so everyone is going on about how the Mayans predicted it wrongly :P hahaha. but i think the fact that 2013 was slated to be the year of doom kind of made people appreciate the year a bit more. haha at least for me i did. but then again, it was because it was a good year. a super duper awesome one in fact. one of my new year resolutions for 2012 was actually to find something nice in every day. i don’t suppose i really successfully did that every single day, but i really enjoyed 2012, and i plenty of beautiful moments to reminisce about ^^
one year ago, i posted this on my blog. and i’m so so so thankful that 2012 turned out to be more than good – it was simply spectacular :)
haha i told jiayee that if the world ended in 2012, i would have no regrets because i finally fell in love :P hahahaha. she thought i was nuts. (okay, maybe it’ll be better if the world ends next year so that i can at least go on exchange and travel Europe first? just kidding. i think the most important thing about 2012 and the fact that the world ISN’T ending is to enjoy every moment as it is, and always look towards the future with hope :) ) but anyway, when i posted this:
on my blog that one year ago, it wasnt really a wish for 2012. by then i was kind of, not jaded, but rather maybe resigned to whatever could/could not happen? i mean even if you’re in a relationship you can never guarantee the future, but i feel that it’s always good to have hope :) and i’m so glad how beautifully 2012 turned out :) to finally be able to find someone who loves me and appreciates me as much as i love him <3<3<3 in a way, i suppose it is true that i'm in love with the idea of being in love, but this darling has really given me the most happiness i've ever had in these last 6 months than i've had in my whole life so far (and mind you, that is A LOT because i've generally been floating through life in a happy bubble haha).
2012-12-29 19.25.06
i love you baby :*)
haha okay enough about all the lovey stuff. another thing i was thankful about was being able to spend lots of time with all my favourite people in SMU :):) especially in year 2 sem 2 cos we were all taking mods together – marketing, BP, FIIM, FT :) it was such a joy to be able to spend so much time with them so easily. although i was taking 5.5 CUs that semester, i daresay it was one of the best semesters i’ve had in SMU because i was doing it with the people i loved ^^
i still look back reminiscing the time when the superheroes (heh we didnt have a name then :P) started the year with a bang with our karaoke + steamboat dinner, celebrated vday all as singles-mingles, went for some ice cream mania on b&j’s free cone day, ended the semester partying at starry night (not really haha), went for our avengers movie (where we got our SUPERHEROES name :D), red&white cycling on national day and the list goes on :) plus marketing and BP were SO AWESOME with them :’) can’t wait for us to take some mods together again in year 4! and on a closer note, can’t wait for our new year partayyyy again :D
with the hopers, we didnt meet up as much >.< i always feel like i kinda neglect them, although they're really important people in my smu life too! if any of you are reading this, the reason why i used this photo from such a long time ago is because this is the only full photo of us i found!! it was more than 6 months ago! can't wait for dom to be back from europe and before i leave so that we can all meet up as a full group!
the first half of the year was perfect because of my friends :) i didn’t have love then, but hey, not really, i had so much love from my friends and that was wonderful too :’)
my first internship was one big pain in the ass but i was so glad to have made such wonderful friends there who made the whole thing so bearable! :) not to mention my friends working around raffles place as well who made lunch breaks the highlight of my day when i could meet up with my dearest superheroes, liying, or debbie etc and the fact that once we ended work we were literally FREE (not like studying which is never ending…), which means that i had plenty of opportunities to go on dates with my darling ^^
year 3 sem 1 pretty much sucked in comparison because i didnt get to see my friends as much as i would have liked to :( firstly because we weren’t taking any mods together, and even worse, was that our timetables clashed like crazy! making it so difficult to see them :( like it was just so difficult to arrange, even going to the library because of the few common timings we had. trying to balance that with spending time at home with the family as well was hard >.< sometimes i really feel like splitting myself into parts or pausing time so that i can spend enough quality time with family, friends and boyfriend. one awesome thing though, was my food tastings! this gave me the perfect opportunity to ask people out one-on-one so that i could have some wonderful moments catching up with them and had such amazing conversations :))
and of course, what would i do without my wonderful family :’)))) i always feel so bad not being able to spend more time at home. the last semester i did try to go home at least one weekday for dinner, but sometimes there just isnt enough time. hmm maybe i should make this a resolution of 2013 eh? to spend more time with everybody. somehow. haha i don’t know how i’m going to accomplish that. but i’m really really glad to have my dearest family, whom i know will always be there for me regardless. even though my sisters keep bullying me, they’re still the biggest fans of my blog *waves!!* hahahaha. i love you all! <3<3<3
have a blast in 2013 everyone!!!!! :D

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