Park Palace

Decked in opulent red fabrics and dark wood furniture, Park Palace exudes an allure of Chinese royalty. Beautiful lanterns hanging from the ceiling are the only simple decorations that adorn the restaurant, and the spotlights cast a pretty glow on the pristine white tables and crockery that warmly invites you into the meal.
The menu is extensive, with pages of Chef’s recommendations to choose from, among many others. The double-boiled soups sound scrumptious from their descriptions, but do call at least one day before to find out what’s on the menu as these soups have to be prepared in advance. Definitely worth your while, by the sound of it!
To tantalize your tastebuds before the main meal, take your pick from the list of appetizers. We recommend the deep-fried diced fish with chef’s special spicy sauce ($10). A delicately crispy, caramelized batter lovingly cocoons fish meat that is so fresh, it’s almost as if it was just plucked from the ocean and served to you.
It is the little touches that make your experience at Park Palace a memorable one. The house special soup ($12), for instance, is served in an adorable mini teapot. The double boiled clear soup has a rich flavour of ginseng, but is balanced out nicely with the meat, such that the strong tastes of ginseng doesn’t overwhelm. Do not forget to scoop out the goodness in the pot at the end! The black chicken, pork and longans are tender from being boiled for hours, and encapsulate the essence of the soup.
Do ask your server for the daily or weekly specials during your visit. Prepared from the freshest seasonal ingredients personally selected by the chef himself, you can be guaranteed of the quality of these dishes. Take the braised king scallop with mushroom and asparagus for instance. The scallop is so tender and succulent that it simply melts in your mouth and the flavour develops and strengthens with each bite.
Another special dish is the hairy crab roe noodles. Lusciously eggy sauce smothered over smooth noodles, it is a homely dish that warms your senses.
One of the must-tries at Park Palace is their roast duck ($24). Done to perfection, the skin is so crisp that it crackles satisfyingly in your mouth. Juicy, with just the right amount of fat, the duck goes well when paired with the sweet and sour plum sauce that is served on the side.
Finally, end off your meal on a light note, with a gorgeously presented dessert – the chilled mango cream topped with vanilla ice cream and oats served in a coconut ($8) sounds like mouthful, but you really do want to get everything in a single spoonful! It is a delicious combination of tastes and textures. A feast for the eyes with it’s arresting appearance, the velvety ice cream blends together wonderfully with the coconut ice shavings, and the oats provide a surprisingly agreeable crunch that tops this dessert off.
Also try the hashima with red dates and lotus seeds ($12). It slides down your throat with the fluidity of jelly, and the cored red dates demonstrate the conscientiousness of  Park Palace – they make sure that their diners can eat with convenience.
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Park Palace 
Grand Park City Hall Hotel, Mezzanine Level
Tel.: +65 6432 5888
Mon-Sun: 11.30am-2.30pm

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