i’ve been wanting to come here with a big group of friend so that we could try out more pizzas! :D but in the end although it was a big group of us, they weren’t too enthusiastic about the pizzas -.- haha so we only ordered two large ones to share.
the pizzas here have such cute names – they’re all named after girls :P we had the katerina ($23 for large) which was tomato, mozzarella, beef carpaccio, rucola salad and shaved parmesan cheese.
and the ursula ($23) that had tomato, mascarpone cheese, spinach, smoked salmon and capers. thumbs up for both pizzas! :D especially the smoked salmon one. we couldnt get enough of it! each one of us only had a small slice. haha i’m really nuts over bread. gonna become fat when i go to italy :O :O
ordered some sides to share as well! the calamari ($12) was crispy and came in quite a generous portion. liked the tomato ‘pizzalolo’ dip that came with it.
our portobello al forno ($12) looked so burnt!!! haha but it was quite yummy :) tender and oozing with juices, its flavour exploded in our mouths when we popped it in. lovely!
29 Club Street
Tel.: +65 6224 2525
Daily 12pm-2.30pm

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