A surprise at work! (:

these bunch of lovelies totally made my day this week by surprising me during lunch!! :’) aww, thanks for coming all the way down to raffles place, and bigbig thanks to my darling who planned this surprise for me! :*)
work has been pretty good so far! definitely much better than my previous internship :P having the chance to learn quite a bit of stuff is actually really refreshing and fun! plus a nice boss and friendly colleagues sitting around me, even though it’s a drag to wake up at 6.50am every morning (sighhhhh) but i still quite enjoy going to work where i am :)
the only problem is the lack of lunch buddies here! :( unlike the last time when all the interns were together and we really just clung onto each other just because there was no one else around who was friendly enough, being a little intern in a big organization here means that it is sorta lonely. even though everyone is really friendly, but finding lunch buddies is kind of a problem.
so imagine how happy i was when i could have lunch on two days with sam and on the second day he even got the girls to come along!! ^^ BIG HUG FOR YOU ALL! :’) you can imagine how surprised, happy and touched i was! :D so happy to see them :) before they all fly off to faraway lands for their holidays. jiayee is now happily touring some exotic destination hehe, can’t wait to lunch when she gets back! :) haha and funny how we got photobombed at the back by the spinelli staff, they were so cute! haha.
happy that i met sam almost everyday of the week! haha, 6 days! :O except sunday. oh well, cos he’s gonna be flying off tmr (boohoo :( ) so must maximize the time when he’s around of course! :) and he brought me on such a sweet date on tuesday somemore ^^ for our belated 6months i guess? haha yeah i know my previous post i mentioned that we celebrated it with the fireworks and all, but this time he did sort of plan something, so i guess it was more of a celebration? IF ONLY IT DIDNT RAIN!!!! >:( so annoyed at the weather these days tskk. but it was still nice anyway ♥

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