Tiong Bahru Bakery

when i saw that this bakery opened in raffles city, i was so glad for a more convenient option! the original outlet is just a tad inaccessible when i dont stay anywhere near that area.
boy! don’t the array of options available look enticing? :) they have a row of savoury pastries, another of sandwiches and burgers, and another just for desserts ^^

i started with the not-so-exciting croissant ($2.80). but hey, it’s a basic! so if a bakery can do it well, it sets a good foundation for everything else. Tiong bahru bakery does theirs pretty decently. the exterior is beautifully crisp, and i liked breaking off the portions of the crust and popping them into my mouth hehe. it would have been great if it was fluffier inside, but overall, i enjoyed it. it had a nice buttery taste on its own which was nice! and i loved the availability of condiments at the counter to go with it – butter, jam, marmalade and one more which i can’t remember. i’m a sucker for choices :D
the specialty bun salmon & ham with pesto sauce ($8.90) was rather interesting in appearance. the black bun is because of the squid ink (which thankfully doesn’t leave any stains). in terms of taste though, i found it pretty average.
we enjoyed the croque monsieur which had chorizo and tomato bechamel sauce. the chorizo lent a wonderful flavour to this, and we loved how it went so well with the cheese! yummyyyy :)
ended on a sweet note with the pandan flan ($6). it had a really interesting eggy interior (kind of like an egg tart actually!), that had a slightly chewy consistency. excellent flavour of the pandan, which was well infused into it. and i loved the crisp pastry! :) we were really full by then though, so couldnt enjoy it as much as we would have liked to.
Tiong Bahru Bakery
Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-11
Tel.: +65 6333 4160
Daily 11am-10pm

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