My one week of holiday

for the last two years, i had 10 days of playing. haha pretty funny huh! in 2010, it was because i went for oscp, which was definitely one of the most enriching experiences i’ve ever had! :) last year, okay not really just 10 days of playing, but it was more like 10 days in singapore before i flew off to play somemore in USA!!! :D manns, last december was really the best holiday i had, and will have, in smu. unfortunately :( it was the best ever! alright, hopefully exchange will be another BEST. haha.
so anyway here’s what i did in the whole of last week before internship started! :)
thank goodness for once (after terrible exam timetables in year 2) my exams ended relatively early. of course those that ended in one week are damn lucky and get to enjoy the weekend! but mine wasnt too bad either ^^ ended on monday! and practically slacked the weekend away actually till i had a mild panic attack on sunday night haha. abit too late by then :P but anyway, once exams ended, celebrated with an awesome meal with my bestieeeee :) finally had the chance to catch up with her properly over dinner :) gosh, even though we take every single mod together but we still havent had much time to talk this whole semester with our very different schedules. funny how things have changed, i’m now the one staying in school more (okay not that much, but relatively more compared to last time haha) whereas she’s always the one flying home ;) hehe. but it was so fun catching up over dinner! had italian food AGAIN, for the millionth food tasting :P but amazingly i wasnt too full this time! gosh, that made me so happy haha. we had a sleepover that night too! again, FINALLY! after half a year. it was so fun :))
2012-12-05 18.19.19
met with the hope girls for tea on wednesday :)) it’s so nice that we always have so much to chat about when we meet! always feel like i kinda neglect them cos dont really study with them in school. but it’s nice that during the holidays we always meet up! :) this time scott is flying all over southeast asia and dom is still happily on exchange, so it’ll be just us girls for now :)
and had our superheroes lunch at paradise inn to celebrate the real END OF EXAMS for everyone!!!! :) haha. i always enjoy having meals at chinese restaurants with close friends ^^ it’s always such a homely/family-like feeling that is so nice! :) esp when there are so many of us (the more the merrier, so teds brought mel along as well :D) and we sit at a round table, it’s really like one big extended family, and i love the feeling :’) too bad ngan wasnt able to make it this time though! must meet up all together more often before we all fly off :(
on friday, spent an awesome almost-full day with my darling! :))) gosh it’s been awhile! haha. i think the last time we properly went out was like 3 weeks or one month ago or sth. went vivocity to shop! haha but his shopping stamina is lousyyy. had lunch, then walked for like maybe 2hours then he got tired already haha. anyway, i love franc franc!!!! it’s this store in vivocity that opened quite recently, a few months ago i think, that sells all sorts of pretty stuff! like furniture and little knick knacks. we spent a good (maybe) one hour inside exploring ^^ so funnnn. lots of inspiration to decorate my room :) and i love all the pretty christmas decorations! :) can’t wait for christmas :)))
after sam got tired of walking, we decided to find somewhere to sit down. so we wandered up to the rooftop where there was this awesome view of resorts world and the cruise ships :) so lovely! can see that lots of people like that area too. and all the kids were there playing in the water. we sat there chatting for hours. then went to eat dinner and went back up again for the night view ^^ and there were fireworks!!!!!!!!! :):):):) they were so beautiful :) totally ended the night with a BANG literally :) i would have taken a photo of the fireworks except that i was too mesmerized and couldnt take my eyes away long enough to get my camera out haha.
on saturday, attempted to make some money by going for a flea with jiayee, sk and rachel! :) haha it was quite an interesting experience :P reduced to auntie-mode to haggle with all the aunties and maids over the prices! omg. while we came with the mindset of fixed prices, the shoppers were obviously super experienced with all these bargaining and they carted away some of SK’s best goods at like $5 omg. and i earned a grand total off……*drumrolls*………$2.50 -.- after standing around the whole day. but at least i made back my rent!! :) i was quire relieved by that. and it was pretty fun! :)

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