Salt Grill

Take the lift up to the 55th storey of ION Orchard, and you will be blown away by the magnificent landscape that greets you the moment you step into Salt Grill. The view is but a prelude to the meal to come, and you can enjoy the subtle changes in atmosphere over the dinner, as sunlight gives in to a comfortable buzz at night. 
A portion of bread is served to start your meal, and it comes with a variety of condiments that excites you for the meal ahead. Besides the typical butter and balsamic vinaigrette, we urge you to try Salt Grill’s special dukkah spice. A mixture of sesame seeds, bits of nuts and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, this dip is lightly appetizing and carries a nutty fragrance that attracts you with an understated elegance. Dip your bread into the olive oil, followed by the spice, and you will be surprised what a delightful combination this is! Pair this with a glass of champagne, to have a simple, yet outstanding, opening to your dinner.
A good way to kick-off your meal proper would be to go with the sashimi of kingfish. The beautiful cut of sashimi is firm and plump, and ginger smeared over the fish gives it a very refreshing zing. The creamy goats feta cheese atop it complements the sashimi to provide a different dimension to the dish.
Another interesting appetizer would be the ‘glass’ Sydney crab omelette in a miso mustard broth. Luscious, fluffy crabmeat is lovingly wrapped within the soft, creamy omelette. It is bathed in a broth that has a unique tangy flavour and you will get a kick from the chilli shreds that garnish the egg.
Try the restaurant’s signature dishes for the mains – the barramundi one of the most richly flavoured fish you can ever get. Laced with the creamy aroma of butter, the barramundi is very tender, with a slight burnished taste. The cherry tomatoes add a lovely sweetness to complement the meat.
The beef tenderloin in pumpkin puree is absolutely delicious! Retaining its innate juices with a medium doneness, it has a wonderful softness and practically melts in your mouth. Bringing together both ends of the taste spectrum, the pumpkin has a lightly sweet perfume, which is contrasted with the umami essence of the sauce. Nuts, leaves and yuzu provide an uplifting punch to balance the dish.
For a sweet end to your dinner, we recommend the chocolate three ways – chocolate mousse, fondant and jelly. The fondant stole the show with its warm moist cake, mouth-wateringly rich inside, which encases molten lava that sends you right to chocolate heaven. This is not to be missed.
For a meal that leaves you absolutely satisfied, without an uncomfortably stuffed feeling, Salt Grill does this with perfection. And you definitely can’t say no to this gorgeous ambience!
*This is an article i wrote for (: Try out their online reservation service, and you can check out more articles there!
Salt Grill
ION Orchard Level 55 & 56
Tel.: +65 6592 5118
Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 3pm

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