exams are finally over!!!! can’t believe i took so long getting down to writing this oh gosh. this post is supposed to be for things that happened even before exams started. but this sem has really been so crazy >.< really had no time no time NO TIME! gosh, i'm so glad it's over. i think the fact that next sem is exchange just makes things worse cos i want time to pass faster so that i can fast forward to then!! i can't wait! everyone is flying off in december :((( and poor me is going to be in singapore sighpie. i'll be so bored. haha. and have internship somemore. not that i'm complaining though. i'm so relieved that i managed to find an internship!! PHEWWWWWW. i was getting damn desperate. and in the end i actually managed to get the best opportunity ever! :) at least for now this is the best haha.
anyway, to the main point ;)
we celebrated jiayee’s birthday during the study break – i think this was our most successful surprise to date! :D woots! :D cos she didnt know that we were going to celebrate her birthday right to that moment itself! heh. told her we were going to celebrate thad’s birthday (which we were! it was supposed to be a double-celebration) but since she was the 21st birthday girl so of course it had to be more special for her ^^ end up poor teds couldnt make it for his own birthday celebration cos he fell ill :/ and it was initially intended to be a surprise for teds as well but my dear sam let the cat out of the bag and insisted that teds knew anyway. oh welllls. but at least our 21st birthday girl got a surprise!! :) we’re all 21 now! hehe. i love the present we bought for her! a pretty thomas sabo necklace with a ’21’ and horseshoe on it ^^ i never knew horseshoes were meant for good luck! i thought it was really pretty anw :) and we went to Saveur again :) jiayee’s request, so of course had to zun1 ming4! :)
anyway, that week i also went for a blogger’s party by streetdirectory.com.sg. it was held at loolas! :) and it was a good chance to meet new people :) so well, naturally the highlight for me was the food! :P i’ve been wanting to try loola’s for awhile, so it was great that the event was held there! :) yeah ikr, in the middle of the study week and i go off for a party. kinda absurd…haha. it was so nice that we had a special three-course dinner prepared for us that day! :) and it gave us the chance to sample quite a few of their items. especially the dessertsssss. *drools* i’ll come to that later. we started with an appetizer board platter. the picture above is of the spiced pumpkin soup and grilled freemantle octopus. i loved the pumpkin soup! it had a rather interesting taste, that could be likened to curry, probably because of the spices. the octopus was not bad as well, with its springy texture and smokey flavour. the platter also included the loola’s salad and serrano ham.
for mains, we had a choice of three types and i chose the miso barramundi with soft poached egg. i thought the fish was done pretty well. it had a nice crisp top and the meat was tender. the taste of the miso was too subtle in my opinion though. and the portion was pretty small. i guess they wanted us to leave some stomach for dessert :P
oh and if you didnt know, loola’s is under the Awfully Chocolate Group!!! that’s why their desserts are SO AWESOME. i would say that this is still their forte. the mains were alright…but not fantastic. the desserts on the other hand, were mind-blowingly good! each one of them impressed me till no end. i was particularly excited about the hei ice cream from the start because that is the only dessert out of the three that i’ve tried before (have i mentioned how i love that they served us platters at this event so we could try a bit of everything? ^^). and as expected, the chocolate ice cream was as lovely as ever :))) i wonder how awfully chocolate makes their chocs so awfully good!!!! it was rich, creamy and chocolate-y, and always never too sweet. i honestly could just eat it again and again and not feel sick. i wasnt too keen on the mocha poppers cos they sounded like they had coffee in them, and i dont really like coffee much. but that was until i popped one in my mouth, and i was like ‘WHOAAAA. this is good!!!’ heh ;) so glad to be proven wrong. these choux puffs filled with light chocolate mousse were damn awesome!! and the loola’s brownie was very rich and chocolate-y too :) yumyumyum! loved them all :)
anyway, streetdirectory just launched a new mobile app recently, so you can check it out here (for android) and for iphone!
i’ll update next week again with more after-exams photos!! :)

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