I just can’t wait to be free!

hello! :) short post here haha. just got too bored of studying already. one more to go on monday! and i’ve got so many things i wanna (or need to) do after that. and i’ve only got one week before internship starts! (if i get it…*crossfingers*).
anyway, i’ve been pretty much slacking the day away, feels like finals are over already haha. and i happened to chance upon videos of Lindsey Stirling on youtube! she’s super cool! haha maybe i’m inspired by VOX, the pop/rock string quartet by the company i work at. check them out, they’re super cool too, and they’re singaporean! :) haha i’m not trying to promote them or anything alright, but really, where do you find any other pop/rock string quartet group in Singapore! they’re the first ;) seems like it’s not something new in the US though!
watch the phantom of the opera video, omg it’s SO amazing! :O it was so well put-together! and i actually the first one i watched was this:
i thought it was really inspirational how she went to africa to play for the people there :’) all the kids looked so happy!
enjoyyyy :)

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