Love deserves celebration :)

have i said this a million times? – i’m always so amazed at how time flies :) when you’re having fun, it just zooms past and it all becomes a slight blur, but i remember the details. every single bit of bliss that i’ve been having for these past five months ^^

celebrated our 5th month with the perfect date :) actually it was just a really simple date, like what we always do, but the best part is just spending time with each other properly :) so glad that his crazy projects are finally overrrr, just in time for our celebration! we watched skyfall (i’m so glad i understood the movie this time..i’ve been watching too many movies i don’t understand this year) and it just reminded me of how much i enjoyed watching movies with him! :))) plus the movie was great, which was a bonus :D
here’s the trailer for those who wanna watch it :)

went for dinner at saveur! :D like finallyyyyyyy!!! i’ve been wanting to try out that place since forever. so happy we finally got a chance to try it ^^ affordable french food! of course the foodie in me got eggcited! it’s really popular, and they don’t take reservations so be prepared to queue. but it’s totally worth it!! definitely a must-try. i would go back there ten more times just for their angel hair pasta (erm yeah, it’s a french restaurant, but their pasta was the highlight for me! :P). oops and the silly photo above is me trying to look greedy but i think i look retarded instead (plus the fringe issues :/ haha). but i love love LOVE the pasta!! gonna do a food review here also (hence the long post) cos i’ve got posts scheduled till all the way to next february already! i think it’s time to start combining my food posts into others if i can haha.

this is the awesome angel hair pasta with tiger prawn and lumpfish caviar ($6.90) that i was raving about!! it was cooked in the most interesting manner! the thin strands of angel hair were very unlike the silky version i’m used to – instead they were very al dente, with a firm bite, that was refreshingly delicious! the prawns were cooked really nicely as well. and the caviar OMG. they just explode with a burst of flavour in your mouth! and together with the little green chilis (i think they’re chilis, right? i couldn’t really tell), all the various dimensions were brought together beautifully. i had to keep myself from gobbling the entire thing down because i wanted to savour every bit of it properly.
the duck confit with orange segments and saute shitake ($9.90) was done beautifully as well. i loved how the skin was crispy with just the right amount of fat to make it juicy, while the meat inside was super tender! i wonder how they did it! i’m not really a huge fan of confit, so i wasn’t super crazy over it (unlike the pastaaaa :D heh) but it was still good! and the mushrooms were really juicy and flavourful as well. ohoh! and the mash ^^ nice and buttery. yumms.

the dessert sadly, was a letdown for me :( but only because i dont like the taste of anything almond-flavoured. sighhhs. such a pity! the pistachio panna cotta ($6.90) sounded absolutely delightful. but it was just tainted by the almond taste!!!! >:( don’t get me wrong, i love almond NUTS, but anything else with the almond flavouring (like almond paste/jelly omg…) is just yucky. okay i’m biased :P but oh well! if you like almond, i’m sure you’ll love this!
anyway, this place is super awesome. it’s a must try. god forbid even more people crowding up the place, but honestly i dont think it’s gonna make a difference because the queue is so long already! haha, but dont let that deter you, try it! :) tell me how the chicken roulade is if you tried it!! that was something else i was interested in. btw, the portions are slightly smaller than usual, but i quite liked how it let us try a greater variety ;) *greedy pig*
5 Purvis Street
Tel.: +65 6333 3121
Daily 12pm-2.15pm

awww and the darling boy bought me flowers! ^^ five roses for our five months heh :’) aren’t they prettyyyyyy :) even the little puny one at the corner, i think they all bloomed so beautifully! haha i dont think i’m making it easy for him at all cos i have no idea what flowers i like actually, so let him experiment to see what different kinds of flowers he can get :P but these are really gorgeous :D
i’ve always been a happy person. but i think these few months, i’ve exceeded my happiness levels by leaps and bounds that i never knew existed :) and hopefully this will be the way many many many more months to come ^^ haha it’s pretty funny how i used to think that it was ridiculous that people celebrate monthniversaries, but then i thought, hey why not? when you’re this happy, everything deserves a celebration. your love deserves a celebration. even when there are troubles, take the time to remember why you love each other :) anytime, anywhere :) xx

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