There is a hush when you step into Osia. The hustle and bustle from the FestiveWalk outside subsides into an oasis of serenity in the restaurant, where time seems to slow down, beckoning you into a relaxing, deliciously paced meal. Settle down in one of the cozy window seats for some privacy; or if you’re feeling bold, take a seat in front of the interactive open kitchen to witness some live culinary action.
The starters took up an entire page on the menu, making it a mind-boggling, but happy problem for us in deciding what to order. A twist on the traditional bread basket, we began with a plate of the Stone Hearth flat bread in two flavours: macadamia pesto and truffled Kalamanta olive ($11 each). The handmade bread is fluffy and pillow soft, and it comes with a serving of homemade sauce on the side, which changes on a daily basis. On our visit, we had the macadamia ricotta sauce that came in a tube – kudos for the unique presentation! The sauce brought out the essence of the bread beautifully, especially that of the macadamia pesto bread, which was creamy and studded with macadamia nuts. The other option fared well too, with each bite releasing the aroma of the olives within.
Highly recommended was the seafood ice experience ($36), and who could resist it? A sensational paring of seafood and frozen cocktails to produce a wonderful combination of complementary tastes that tantalizes your taste buds. It comes in a set of six “test-tubes”, each containing a distinctive concoction that excites you and builds your anticipation for the next. Carrot ‘Pokka’ ice with lobster, Calamansi mojito ice with diver scallop, Quandong orange Campari ice with amaebi shrimp, Pineapple coconut ice with southern blue fin tuna, Sourz apple ice with Tasmanian salmon trout and Lychee martini with oyster. Each tube encases a piece of seafood that holds a whiff of the ocean’s freshness, atop a bed of iced cocktail that refreshes your palate for the meal ahead.
We had three appetizers in total! The third was the Butter poached lobster ($40) that was a ravishingly juicy, bouncy, meaty lobster encased in a sheet pasta and creamy buttery sauce. It comes with fermented bean which adds an asian dimension to the dish, a mild saltiness that contrasts with the sweet/sour mango salsa.
For the mains, try the Red Sea Bream. A slab of plump fish with skin seared to a crisp, it is served with lemongrass cous cous and curried cockles that are mouth-wateringly fragrant.
The Grainge black angus beef tenderloin ($68) was cooked in reduced port wine, with the alcohol evaporated, leaving a savoury flavour that melts into the tender meat. It sat atop a chestnut risotto that was bursting with the aroma of madeira truffle sauce and texture of mushrooms and bacon.
No matter how full you are, you have to try the dessert! We could not stop enthusing about how absolutely perfect it was! The Valrhona hot chocolate soup was simply the best way to end the meal. Luxuriously dark, rich, molten chocolate that begs you to lick the bowl clean, paired with a stimulating black peppered ice cream to balance the sweetness of the chocolate, this dessert is a legend in the making.
*This is an article i wrote for reserveit.sg (: Try out their online reservation service, and you can check out more articles there!
FestiveWalk, Resorts World Sentosa
Tel.: +65 6577 6560
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm (Daily)
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (Sun–Wed)
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (Thu-Sat)


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