To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides

have i mentioned how much i love weddings? ^^ absolutely love my job, how i get to attend so many weddings. although a lot of them are usually quite standard for the most part, but there are times during the banquet, like the video of the wedding photoshoot, or the gate crashing, or the speeches, that are just so beautiful and touching :’)
my boss’s wedding was probably the first time i’m close to the wedding couple. ironically :P although i’ve attended weddings of relatives in the past, usually it’s those that i see once a year during chinese new year and i’m just quite distant from the wedding couple. this time however, when my boss told me that she was getting married, i was soooo excited!!! ^^ like finally!! heh. and since i know both the bride & groom, it was even more exciting. and EVEN BETTER, my boss asked me to help her run her wedding! :O i was so excited! kinda anxious since it was my first time running an event all by myself (although it was mostly following her instructions, but on the day itself i was the one in charge!) and since it was her wedding, i definitely wanted to make sure that it was perfect! :)
it was beautiful! :”) i wanna have a wedding like that too :))) i’m so inspired!!!! and it was sooo lovely watching her walk down the aisle, i was almost going to tear :’) so sweet!!!
massive big big BIG THANK YOU to my two favourite people in the world :)) (haha other than my family okay, don’t jealous! :P) i don’t know what i would have done without them. i dont think either of them read my blog but anyway, i love you two!! <3 in the midst of crazy projects, and it was a sunday, but the two of them still came down to help me :') totally made my day just perfect.
we had polaroids taken! :) sadly sam already left by then to go back to do his project :( thanks a million for coming baby<3 :)
and the bride! :))))) don’t you love how brides are always GLOWING on their wedding day? ^^ wish you & your hubby a beautiful lifetime ahead and a little baby soon! :)
now, who wants me to help with their wedding next? :D

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