When the going gets tough…Celebrate birthdays :)

this semester has been one crazy mess. i really can’t figure out why there just seems to be a never-ending stream of things to do, even though i’ve already cut down on so many things :/ i’m not even going for ballare anymore, and my dance class is reduced to a completely unpredictable frequency. i miss dance!! :( and even without it, i still am so busy. maybe it’s cos the modules this sem are just more difficult and require a lot more studying. and the fact that i’m flying away from all this next semester (*squeaaaaals!!*) isnt helping :P can’t wait for this to be over! :)
okie my bad for the emo introduction! i promised that my blog is supposed to be a happy one ^^
anw, in the midst of all this, i’m glad that i finally had the chance to spend time with my two most important bunch of friends in SMU :’) i love having birthdays that are spread out over the span of the year – sometimes when everyone is busy, birthdays are the best time to force people to get out and meet up ^^
celebrated liying’s 21st with a whole day of activities from lunch :) havent seen the hopers in like, forever. it was so fun going around doing all the silly things like taking 21 awkward poses, bringing her for a manicure, making her birthday cake and a fish spa. and awwwww so sweet of her bf to help plan so many things to make her 21st such a special one! :)
yay successful surprise by the girls for rachel’s 21st! :) hehe so happy that it was a total success – rach totally got a shock when we jumped out at her once she stepped into the room :P hee. and glad she liked the cake!! a total impromptu purchase, cos i didnt know where to get one that was near school. and they didnt have candles! -.- but apparently it was a yummy cake :D
*here i am twiddling my thumbs while waiting for the rest of the dropbox photos from sk to load! heh :P her camera is so awesome ^^ think i can retire my own already haha*
celebrated rach’s birthday as a whole group on sunday :) haha had to use this photo cos thad was being so retarded :P tskkkk why stand so far away!! >:( anyway, totally love this bunch of friends of mine :) with all the laughter and funny conversations and everything, they’ve made my life in smu complete :)
all of us who were there to celebrate! :) missing ngan though! :( and nic. hopefully we can have a full gathering soon.
and of course the most important birthday of all :))))))) hee can’t stop smiling to myself thinking of how well the day turned out o/ :D it was one of the longest times i’d gone without seeing my darling boy! :( sigh now with project crunch time, it sucks big time :( can’t wait for this semester to be over!!! anyway, super glad that he enjoyed his birthday celebration that i’d planned for him :) went for a massage cos he’s forever aching all over the place. when he said it was the first time that week that he’d spent two entire hours not thinking of work, i was like ‘YESSSSS!’ haha. such a workaholic :P then we went over to shangri-la rose veranda cafe for high tea :) which was another relaxing few hours. totally the atas life, sipping tea, going for rounds and rounds of food :P hehe totally getting fat now. but it was goooood. my buffet stamina has significantly decreased though :P or so i try to tell myself. well, the last buffet i had was really quite long ago! i honestly can’t remember when..hmm. thinking of the days when my family used to go for buffets almost every other week…(THE HORROR!!! :O). and the best part was the surprise cake! ^^ shangri-la is wonderful! their service is so good, to the extent that they ASKED, without me having to mention, whether i was celebrating anything on the day i was there. well, the thing was before our turn, there were like 4 other ‘happy birthdays’ already -.- haha, but the good thing is that sam totally didnt expect it anyway so he got a huge surprise! :D yayyy! sweet success ;) seeing him so happy, i was really really glad that i could do something like this for him especially after the hell week he’d been through. well, he still has at least one more hell week to go (poor thing :( ) but i hope our sweet date helped, even just a little :) the cake was super yummy btw!! the nicest mousse cake i’ve ever eaten. but after that we had absolutely no room for desserts :P which was sort of a pity since they looked awesome!! but it was a perfect day <3<3<3
oh and anyway, random but i’ve been completely addicted to this blog melissacelestinekoh.wordpress.com/ :) too sweet alreadyyyyyy awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :”) i’m swooning, i swear. this is totally gonna be my inspiration to take nicer couple photos heh ^^ loveee (:
and since karaoke with the famfam on sunday, this jaychou song has been stuck in my head :)) haha super old song but somehow i love the tune? it’s like in the minor key or something (okay too long without exposure to piano, i’m just fluffing from the top of my head!) but somehow still very appealing :) enjoy!
after writing this post, i realised that i had a really wonderful weekend :) it was really a super duper good rest and i just realised how lucky i was to have this BREAK in the middle of the semester :) so thankful for it :) and i’m all charged up to face the next four weeks!!!! time flies. it will be the end of Y3S1 soon. jiayou everybody!! <3 :)

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