Recess Week!

so the recess week has come and gone and soon it’ll be time for school to start again! not that i’m really complaining though, it’s always ironic how the recess week seems to be busier than any other week of school -.- had so many things going on these few days! crazy tiring. and i’ve been an absolute mess with all the not-so-pleasant surprises that popped up in the week that kinda packed my schedule even further. alright, that was actually my fault..haha.
haha anyway, kicked off the start of my break week officially last wednesday with weiling! heehee best thing about having a three-day week. funnily, this week when it came to wednesday, i was in a total panic “WHY STILL HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO DO!!!” when normally i would heave a sigh of relief on that day. went for food tasting with weiling last wednesday, and we had lots of fun catching up and stuffing ourselves as usual :P
went for Eve – third year in smu and finally attending! i’ve been wanting to go since year one probably, but could never really bring myself to go..or couldnt find anyone to go with anyway. so this year since sam & jiayee had to go, so i decided to tag along :) after all it’s only 10bucks this year, and with the awesome food and free-flow wine, it was definitely worth it! the programmes were surprisingly good too! i had half a mind to leave after the reception (haha oops, auntie max :P), but of course i couldn’t. and i’m glad i didnt! it was pretty fun! :) especially since ballare won quite a few awards, it was fun cheering for them and all. ACF did such a wonderful job this year!!! sometimes i wonder whether, going back in time, i should have joined ACF rather than bizcom? i wonder how that would have turned out..ACF had such great leadership this year, and they achieved so much. i probably couldnt say the same for myself :P but i got opportunities i probably would not have had with ACF, and i did learn a lot. so well, i guess it’s a trade-off :)
lovin my jumpsuit! ^^ should have totally done an OOTD that day. but i was late!!! so totally rushing all over the place. haha it was quite fun to get a chance to dress up and put on makeup though! havent done that in awhile. and i dont have the energy to do it everyday haha. it was one of the most awesome days everrr this semester. in fact since the previous night it was awesome already. practically spent the whole day with my darling :)) stayed out super late that night, probably the latest we’ve ever gone out. the esplanade/fullerton area is so nice at night :) save for the random people around, who were sometimes abit scary/dangerous-looking (thank goodness they didnt start a gang fight or something nearby), it’s a really nice place to spend some time :) and it’s so peaceful at night! haha alright, there was actually music blasting from avalon across the river, but it was still nice anyhoo ;)
hehe look how happy he is with that humongous pint of hoegaarden. our end-of-mid-term mussels madness treat! omnomnommmms.
kicked off the ‘real’ start of this recess week with more loveee :) hehe. we found this super nice quiet spot to study. and it’s really conducive! haha sorry, not gonna tell the place cos i dont want the whole world descending on it and there goes my study spot :( but if you wanna know, just leave a comment and i’ll reply you by email or something.
bought mel for a food tasting also! :) make it up to her since i couldnt celebrate her bday with the hopers. it was really nice catching up with her as well!! realised how long i havent talked to her properly :( and lots of other people too actually. i even made a list of people in my recess week to-do list that i havent seen in awhile and wanted to spend time with. my ballare and hopey friends especially. and my family >.< glad to say that i (kinda) managed to fulfill that list!! :) although for some friends, it was really little time, or not really 'quality time' in a sense, like just mugging together or going for a networking event together..but ah well, for now, that'll have to do. looking forward to celebrating rachel's birthday with ballare peeps and liying's birthday with hopers! :)) hopefully that'll give us some time to catch up ^^
it’s been a crazy week. just projects alone have killed me and barely started studying for my midterm on friday. exchange stuff due really soon too!!! i can do it i can do it i can do it *chants to myself 1000 times*. yup half a semester has already flown past, i think the next half will too. soooooon! (: till then…!

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