Nestled amidst lush greenery in a very exclusive section of Resorts World Sentosa, Forest looks ready to draw the crowds with its ground-breaking concept. Chef Sam Leong brings guests on a roller coaster experience with his Discovery menu – an 8-course or 10-course meal that surprises you with every dish contrasting the one preceding it. Be prepared for dishes that alternate between hot and cold temperatures, soft and crispy textures, and an array of intense flavours from spicy to savoury and sour. A 100% open-kitchen with unobstructed views of the chefs at work gives guests the chance to marvel at their skills.
We had the opportunity to try a number of signature dishes from the Discovery and ala carte menu. First up was an amuse bouche. Chilled cherry tomato with plum sherbert. With hints of sweet and sourness, the acidity of this appetizer was refreshing on the palate – a delicious beginning to an exciting meal ahead.
Immediately contrasting, the next dish was a wok-fried crispy duck pressed confit and yam served with mushroom sauce. Soft, slightly chunky yam paired with shreds of duck meat, this dish was a juxtaposition in itself.
We were completely taken in by the lovely presentation of Chef Sam Leong’s special recipe milky chicken broth. Served in a young coconut, the soup was chock full of ingredients – tender soft chicken, morel mushrooms, wild bamboo piths, fish maw and dried scallops. The broth was so flavourful that we slurped down every bit of it, and scraping out the coconut flesh to add on to the soup was a bonus that added a child-like enjoyment to savouring this bowl of soup for the soul.
The Chilean seabass was chargrilled to perfection. Smokey aromas enveloped the smooth plump juicy meat of this fresh fish, which was an absolute delight to eat. The sautéed spicy eggplant on the side added a fiery kick with the little red chilis sitting atop it.
The steamed scallop mousse in thai style, hot and sour consomme was a tangy, spicy dish that awakened our taste buds with every mouthful. Fluffy, with a texture possibly likened to softened fishballs, the simple taste of the scallops went beautifully with the consomme.
That previous dish whet our appetite for what came next – salt and pepper pork ribs which were uber crispy and crackly, covered with breadcrumbs rubbed with salt and pepper. the piquant tastes and aroma of spices wafting from the ribs made this dish a deliciously sinful one.
Another beautifully plated dish was the oven-baked yellow pumpkin pearl rice with XO sausages and pan-seared foie gras. The best thing about Forest is that the taste of the food never falls short of the expectations set by its presentation. Every grain of rice was plump, infused with a subtle flavour, and when mixed with the pumpkin, produced an orgasmic combination. Notably one of the most generous servings of foie gras, the best way to eat it is to allow the liver to sit on your tongue and let the juices roll over and simmer in your mouth to get the full effect before swallowing. Such is the superb quality of the food at Forest.
The Forest Delight was a platter comprising three mini desserts – crispy durian, chocolate banana ganache and lemongrass jello. recommend that you eat it in that exact order, so that you can mute the strong smell of the durian (regardless of whether you like it or not!) and end of on a fresh note. the chocolate banana ganache was rich, firm with a good bite, and the jello was refreshing with an interesting concoction of mint leaves, peach, blueberry and raspberry.
The staff were extremely hospitable, with small gestures that characterized what they described as 6-star service. Friendly, yet unobtrusive, they knew exactly when to entertain and when to leave guests to enjoy their meal. With such outstanding service, an exhilarating menu and gorgeous scenery, you will, without a doubt, have a wonderful experience dining at Forest.
*This is an article i wrote for (: Try out their online reservation service, and you can check out more articles there!
Resorts World Sentosa (Equarius Hotel Lobby)
Tel.: +65 6577 7788
Lunch: 12.00pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm (Last order 10.15pm)


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