Platters Bistro & Wine Bar

With a firm belief in the adage “sharing is caring”, the people behind Platters Bistro & Wine Bar advocate the idea that sharing food in groups makes a meal much more enjoyable. This is why they serve up their dishes in platters that are perfect for that night out with friends, or even to make a romantic dinner just a little cosier. To keep their menu refreshing for their fans, Platters has a line-up of guest chefs who update the menu every three months with their personal interpretation of “sharing g’nosh”. When we visited the restaurant in June, Chef Jimmy Chok whipped up dishes that showcased his expertise in combining elements from both east and west cuisines to produce an innovative assortment on our platters. From July onwards, a whole new menu will be laid out, beckoning us to come back for more.
The house platters are the restaurant’s own specialty, and you can choose from the Cheese or Charcuterie selections. Depending on how hungry you are, you may opt for three, five or seven choices ($18/$28/$38)! Expecting a meaty dinner ahead, we went for three different kinds of cheeses for some variety to begin with. The Tete de Moine was an absolute favourite of ours! Scrapped by a knife to develop its scented flavours, this hard cow’s cheese was presented in a beautiful moulded shape. Its texture was somewhat feathery, and tickled our tastebuds in a delightful manner. We were recommended the Pecorino Romano, which is hard sheep’s cheese. Well-known for its saltiness, this had a sharp tang that provided a strong contrast to the other two cheeses on our platter. The Brie de Meaux had a soft creamy texture that held a combination of nutty and fruit aromas.
To cleanse our platter in between the cheeses and meat, we tried The Garden Harvest ($24) that consisted of a variety of vegetables. You can opt for a full or half board for your order, but we would recommend the smaller one so that you can have more variety. Honestly, every single one of the platters sounded so delectable, we wished there were more of us so that we could order everything on the menu. The baked portobello mushrooms were so fragrant, we could catch a whiff of it every now and then. Super tender and juicy, it had a full-bodied taste and melted in our mouths. The momotaro tomatoes were soft and juicy, and were drenched in a delicious yuzu miso sauce that was lightly savoury and refreshingly sour. The spinach triangles comprised salted, almost pureed spinach encased in a crispy thin filo pastry and served with a dollop of coriander yogurt.
Finally, the Carnivore platter ($38) is definitely a must-order for any meat eater. Braised beef short ribs, roasted honey lamb ribs and poached pork belly – this was a sinful dish that would bust any diet. But it was worth it. The ribs were beautifully done, such that they fell off the bone easily with a fork. The meats came with three kinds of mustard – horseradish sauce, pommery mustard and sweet mustard that harmonized the flavours of the whole platter impeccably. If we weren’t so stuffed, we would have loved to try the dessert platter, Sweetheart Spread, which is bound to seal the deal for any lovebirds. We will be back!
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Platters Bar and Wine Bistro
42 Club Street
Tel.: +65 6223 8048
Mon-Sat: 12pm-3pm

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