The Salad Corner, Simply Salads & Thunder Tea Rice

i’ve been raving about the food in raffles place for the longest time since my internship but it kinda only occurred to me now that i should actually write about it! haha. maybe cos it’s mostly really random little hawker stalls, which i don’t usually blog about, but i think the healthy food there is really damn awesome and deserving of a post! xD it sustained me throughout my whole internship! i felt so healthy eating all these food, which sort of (hopefully) countered the fact that i was sitting for 8 hours a day. gosh.
The Salad Corner
soooo, presenting my #1 :D the salad from salad corner! it’s a stall that can be found on L3 of Golden Shoe or L1 of Amoy Food Centre. you can customize your own salad for $4.90 for a base salad + 5 toppings (choose from a whole variety, but my favourites are the pasta, mushroom, sweet potato, corn, carrots, cheery tomatoes, tofu, almonds/walnuts – i discovered the nuts only in my last week!) and you can add $1 for meat (love the broiled chicken! i think it’s the healthiest :D), plus one sauce (i’ve tried the balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard, thai sweet chili & japanese sesame). with the carbo and meat, this salad is really substantial for lunch! it always leaves me full at the end and i can easily last all the way till dinner.
the queue is sometimes mega long, but it’s totally worth it :))
Simply Salads @ Orchid Hotel (near tanjong pagar MRT station)
i only visited simply salads after my internship was over! when i went back with aline to collect our pay. it’s super awesome!!! :D but we went after the lunch crowd, so the selection was pretty sad :/ i realised that they refill the salads around 2plus though!!! so now i know to go there later ;) anyway, for $6.50, you can fill the box with as much salad as you want, which is really fun! there are so many to choose from – chicken caesar salad, pumpkin salad, thai beef salad, pesto pasta, potato salad, tropical fruit salad, fisherman’s catch, etc, and a whole range of toppings (croutons, sunflower seeds, cheery tomatoes, carrots, raisins, corn, olives, kidney beans, chickpeas, cucumber…) and sauces would be caesar, creamy italian, balsamic vinegar, thousand island. if you like spamming your salads with a wide variety, you should definitely come here! and it’s really substantial as well! :D
i love how these salads are WAYYYYY more affordable than saladstop and what-not. and i’m sure they’re equally tasty ;)
Thunder Tea Rice 
when i first started out eating this, i would have never expected to do a post on this :P haha i mean, it tasted alrightttt but i wasnt such a huge fan. until my internship. WOOOOO i’m a convert! :D
this can be found at Lau Pa Sat (Suntec & Vivocity Food Republic have it too!). it’s a complete veggie meal (i prefer the brown rice version), with lots of different kinds of veg which i have no idea what it is, tofu, ikan bilis and peanuts which is just enough to make it tasty. i used to hate the thunder tea (which is the one that is supposed to have the most benefits!) but i’m learning how to appreciate it! okay, i dont like it that much still, but i think if you pour a little into your bowl of rice, it masks the taste so it’s quite enjoyable :)

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