Birthdays and loves :)

so school’s started and life is now a boring droneeeee. haha okay not really. i’m so glad to have my wonderful bunch of friends who make it such a joy to be in school whenever i just bump into them around campus! :) sad that we’re not taking any similar mods this sem :( but i’m looking forward to more chances to meet up! and of course, seeing my darling around school just makes my day x1000 times better heehee ^^
day before school started was a hari raya holiday or sth, so we had our movie outing! :) FINALLY teds is homeeee! (: so happy that we met up as a whole group finally! :D love our huge family! see how the pics have grown, from eight during cycling during to nine here, and later 10 during dearest sk’s birthday! :)
vivace was a crazy day for me! totally angsty and running all over the place. but managed to have some fun time photobooth-ing with the girls amidst my crazy day! :) and lunch with my baby was just a lovely 2hours sanctuary away from the mad rush in school :)
celebrated sk’s 21st birthday! <3 our biggest gathering ever of 10 people :)))) so fun! can't wait for the day when jiayee & rach will bring their plus-ones too! :) then we will be a really BIG BIG happy family! hehe i'm totally envisioning our grad trip of (hopefully) 12 people haha. how cool is that!
the pretty 21st birthday girl! :) it’s actually really quite nice having such cosy birthday celebrations actually :) where you can have a proper, relaxing time with each individual bunch of friends. and it was nice preparing for sk’s birthday! it was so sweet of her to do so many nice things for my birthday, so wanted to make her 21st a good one too :) hope it was! heehee, we had such a funny time trying to surprise her with the cake at the start. and we were so last minute, doing the card and present and all the day before :P
she treated us to drinks after that somemore! omg where to find such a nice birthday girl haha. birthday also treat us :O went to bartini at club street, and we each had a glass of champagne (superrrrr!) and played that game (i forgot the name!!) where you stack the blocks up and knock it down. haha we had such a hilarious time. love this photo of us! club street looks so pretty at night with all the shophouses.
i just think this photo of us is so sweet <3
celebrated shannie’s 21st birthday too! this is one girl who didnt want to make a big thing out of her 21st -.- but we still celebrated for her anyway with brunch! :) had such a good time catching up with all of them. i miss seeing these peeps around school!!!! shall try to arrange a gathering when i’m less busy :)

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