Coastal Settlement

Without a car, I would probably NEVER EVER travel all the way to changi for this. It was seriously super ulu! But that is precisely the charm of Coastal Settlement, old-school, laidback, with a relaxing country-vibe. And the car ride along the length of the changi airbase and along the beach was absolutely picturesque! It was so beautiful, the expanse of space with the long beach, and planes rumbling along the runway and taking off all around you. I really love big open spaces :)
We were expecting breakfast/brunch food when we came to this restaurant, but realized that it actually has a lot of other dishes that are more for lunch/dinner. Anyway, it still made a great meal.
I’ve heard raving reviews about their Portobello fries ($15) and they didn’t disappoint! Wonderfully crumbed in a light batter, the mushrooms were deliciously fragrant and juicy. They came with a truffle mayonnaise dip that further enhanced the flavour of the mushrooms.
The coastal wings & drumlets ($14) that came drizzled with a sweet and sour sauce were nothing to shout about though. My mom probably does sweet and sour pork that is way tastier! They were simply crispy fried chicken wings with sauce, and I felt they could probably have provided more sauce.
The rosti sausage ($16) was lovingly hand-cut, and was fried to a lightly crisp and buttery texture. I believe this is one rosti that you can actually eat on its own and it would still be tasty!! The sausage that came with it was generously portioned and complemented the rosti nicely.
The cheese burger had to be one of the most MEGA-SIZED portioned burgers I’ve ever eaten! It was well worth the $26 it cost. Gosh. I ate only half the burger, and I was so super duper full. We wanted to order dessert initially, but I was totally stuffed, all the way to dinner.  A 180g wagyu beef patty, with medium doneness, it was pretty tender, with an interestingly crunchy texture, just slightly. It was topped with melted smoked cheddar cheese, sliced mushrooms, bacon strips and sandwiched between a really dense bun. I would have preferred a fluffier bun I guess, this was really way too carbo-heavy for me. I loved the mesclun salad and fries that came with it though! Thick-cut fries, and every piece was evenly salted just right. Even if they weren’t all crispy, they tasted good anyway.
Finally, the Good Old fish & chips ($26) were pretty good as well! The white cod fish was fresh, and the batter was quite light. Loved the fries, which was the same as my burger’s.
And the marshmallow chocolate ($6) was really interesting! I loved how the fluffy marshmallows added sweetness to the chocolate, I don’t think it needed any extra sugar!
Overall a very quaint, hidden-find that was worth the travel :)
Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
Tel.: +65 6475 0200
Tue-Sun 10.30am-12am

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